Monday, May 20, 2019

mira loma musical hearts quilt

finally catching up on another quilt from last summer!
to be fair, it didn't get delivered until the beginning of this year, so at least that isn't too far off... right?
much like the migration music quilt, this one was made with a specific recipient in mind.  my parents met in high school at mira loma, and were very involved in the music program.  their director ted weber went on to begin many music projects they were involved in post high school, including donner mine music camp which were the recipients of the majority of the former music quilts made over the years (see all those here!)  ted fought a valiant fight with leukemia, but passed away in 2017.  i felt like his wife carol was very deserving of a quilt, and after combining a few patterns together, came up with this for her!
i combined the raspberry kiss block (12.5" tutorial by heritage threads) with the pixelated paper heart block from the quilt pattern by my tea & brie to create this sort of "hugs and kisses" pattern.  mira loma high school colors are this bright blue and red, which tied perfectly with the cream sheet music background.
i did have to hunt down a little more of the background fabric, which was an adventure in itself.  it was pretty fun hopping around the local shops in order to find the perfect reds to make the scrappy hearts as well as the raspberry kiss blocks.  i even had some help from a few of my quilt guild members to make the kiss blocks.  there are a few extra in my stash that are waiting to be made in to a second quilt even!
> i used the remaining blues to create a scrappy binding to bring a little more blue in to the quilt.  the backing is a tone on tone red, which framed up well with the blue around it.  additionally, i used a long arm pantograph that was similar to a trebel clef.  it is one of my favorites to quilt, and has looked great on anything i've put it on so far!
i had quite a bit of fun combining these two block patterns in to one and mixing up the reds for these scrappy hearts!  i would absolutely use these patterns again to create quilts in their own (potentially proper use) ways.  the hardest part was probably finding the perfect blues, closely followed by hunting out more of the background fabric.  the quilt was well received, and i'm glad i was able to deliver it myself to her.
pattern information:
raspberry kiss block (12.5" tutorial) - heritage threads
pixelated paper heart block - my tea & brie

quilt count: 116

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

the great apron project of 2018

now this project here was a doozy to get through, so its no surprise it has taken me this long to get back to and put together in a post!
at the end of 2017/beginning of 2018 my aunt asked me if i would consider making aprons for her staff as their birthday gifts for the year.  the result would be that they would all have their aprons at the end of the year and each wear them to a team building event where cooking was involved.  i was totally on board, as i had made many of the ruffle aprons before for friends and family, so she sent me the list of birthdays and their interests.  as the year rolled on, more interest in aprons from her staff members for other people came out and the list that started as 15 aprons turned in to a whopping 29!
would i ever make an apron again?
considering i've already made one and have 3 more in process at this very moment, absolutely!
the hunt for some of these fabrics was half the fun, especially considering the wide variety of theme i was getting to work with.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

happy (still) 2019

hi everyone!
so yeah... i kind of fell off the blogging wagon for a bit, but rest assured i haven't been unproductive in life. in fact, i'm taking advantage of having this photo that was taken last month of me as well as the fact that TODAY is my half birthday (¡ole!) to play catch up and reintroduce myself.
hi.  i'm emily and i run this show.
i'm officially in my 30s, as of november (another post that clearly didn't happen) and i'm still going strong with sewing and making quilts!
i haven't blogged a finished project since october, but believe me... there is lots to come.  another change to my projects (that i can't remember if i mentioned or not) is that i no longer can rent a long arm from meissner's.  the rental program ended last summer, BUT i lucked in to renting on the right day at the right time and happened to meet someone that was purchasing their own machine and was looking to buffer the cost of purchasing by having some "members" as well as quilters.  i can't afford the cost of the membership per month, given that i'm a preschool teacher living on my own BUT i am able to rent the machine hourly at a VERY reasonable cost.  i still thank my lucky stars and angelina vouching for me that i was able to find my way in to this group of ladies.
here's a run down of some things that will very likely flood your way in the coming weeks:
2018 apron project
month 12 fussy cut sampler
slytherin cat pillow
hidden agenda quilt
legendary quilt
mira loma musical quilt
musical pinwheel quilt
garden snails quilt 2.0
plus... anything i finish in the next few weeks!
i've got my 100 days 100 blocks from last summer nearing completion, which is perfect because i'll be needing a cheery summer time quilt soon!  well in reality i could have used it in april when the weather was hitting 90ยบ after i got home from spring break in utah...  but life gets in the way, ya know?
speaking of spring break...
lisa and i will have a super cool surprise coming your way this summer!  though, if you follow us on instragram, you've already seen sneak peeks of it.

Friday, November 30, 2018

fussy cut sampler - chapter 11

this month i've been eyeball deep in writing summer camp curriculum, sewing aprons and being straight up exhausted.  clearly so much, that i didn't even post anything exciting on here about turning 30 at the start of it all.  oops.  then to top it off, the week that the huge fire in butte county hit also wiped out all my energy and i think i have just recently gotten my sewjo back... again.  thank goodness for things like my wednesday fussy cut class and my montly maker monday gathering to kick me back on track!  this chapter was a lot of fun it its own ways.  i'm not 100% sure i followed the correct "theme" guidelines for the blocks as the book details it out, but i know i made 4 blocks that i really really like.
i was apparently also feeling very gray & yellow with these sets.  i tried to add a punch of color in the 4th block (aka the "you in a block" block) but it just wasn't happening.  must have been some subliminal realization of just needing a few more lighter blocks to balance out the darker blue of months before.  also this month i was able to use some of my fabric i purchased that has just been waiting for it's time to shine.  time to stop delaying you from the fun... here are the blocks!
no need to rub your eyes... those are 100% ballerina dinosaurs in that last block.
a random search on etsy to see what specifically i could find and just happened to stumble across these fantastic fat quarters.  charlotte filshie is the amazing designer behind these dinosaurs (and super hero one) but i wasn't convinced right away because they were only in the UK.  i went back and forth for a few weeks, and the on a whim decided to buy them and not look back.  once i finally got to the "you in a block" block (#44) i knew i had to make them happen.  while i'm way more in to tap than ballet, they were just so silly and amusingly perfect.  plus, pairing them with tacos & a "cochella cat" as angelina calls them just rounded out the block.
i'm nervous for the next chapter with all the intense piecing plans, but sad to see it wrap up and come to an end.  i feel like i say that EVERY month, but overall, this project has been oh so worth it!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

fussy cut sampler - chapter 10

october's blocks were a breeze compared to figuring out geometrics and all that nonsense.
also after last month's blocks, i decided to take a step back and put some green and lighter colors back in to my blocks.  the september blocks were filled with lots of navy and gray, which started pushing things back to the original chapters and needed some balance.  i successfully got green in 3 out of the 4 blocks in one way or another, and kept that 4th block lighter in color.  as usual, i still don't think i have a single block i hate... and have yet again... more new fabric that i fussy cut in to these blocks.  totally worth it!
i felt like my use of dinosaurs was also falling to the wayside, so it was fun to bring them back in the focal spots that they deserve.  i know that these next few months are going to zoom by, so before we all know it this might just be a finished quilt top.  gotta knock some other things off my list first, that's for sure!