Friday, July 6, 2018

100 days 100 blocks - intro post

howdy all!
consider this the official kick off post to probably the craziest sew along i've joined yet!
since this sew along is primarily on instagram, and i don't want you blog followers to miss out, i figured i would do a quick intro post about the project, what materials i'm using and all that good stuff.
gnomeangel has hosted this sew along in the past, and this year lisa and i finally took the plunge to do it.  this sew along features tula pink's city sampler book, which has 100 different 6.5" blocks in it.  the catch is to sew and post all 100 blocks in 100 days (1 block per day).
there are prizes, festivities, and all sorts of fun to be had!  to read more about it directly from the awesome organizer, click here for her post all about it!  this will be her last year hosting this sew along with this particular book, so why not jump on board?
now, more about my version of the project!
the fabrics
i'm not using tula pink, nor is it even a requirement for the sew along.  i'm sure some people are doing theirs strictly tula (i know lisa has some in hers) but again, not a requirement.  my quilt blocks will be made of three main "blender" fabrics
foundation by sassafrass lane designs
see fabric here
"holy cow, emily.  that's super colorful"
you bet it is.  lisa and i talked about what direction we wanted to go with these quilts, and both of us kept coming back to the rainbow varieties we had seen when searching the hashtag for inspiration.  i saw this bundle pop up on instagram, and after thinking about it quite a bit, i snagged it up from pink castle fabrics and then stared at it for a long while.  i would be lying if i said i wasn't nervous about this coming together.  my quilts, especially the ones i've made for myself recently, have been very simple in color and more darker tones.  now that i've got this rainbow vomit of colors, what the heck am i going to balance it with??
grunge by basicgrey
see fabric here
i. love. grunge.
what better way to balance out those fun, bright prints than with fun, bright grunge?  of course, i had some scraps already, but then i took my fat quarter pack down to the cutest little shop in town, thistle dew quilt shop, where they have a wall of grunge.  i pulled out some of the more obscure colors, like the wonky greens & such and found perfect matches.  having grunge options really helped balance out my fabrics and allowed the prints to be able to shine.
i also had a fat quarter pack of the "grunge marks the spot" varieties, which has allowed for grunge with a little "extra" to be added in here and there.
dimples by andover fabrics
see fabrics here
as i was moving along (here's your first hint that i've already sewn blocks) i was feeling a little off balance with just only having my original fat quarter bundle (which i wanted to have some of in most blocks) and grunge.  sure, i was pulling a few more basics here and there, but my more obscure colors were being really repetitive.  i reached in to my stash and realized i had some of this dimple fabric left over from a previous project, but only just enough for one block.  it was then and there that i decided i would make another trek out to thistle dew, where yet again, they had their walls of fabric and SO much of these dimples.  i grabbed at least one of each color to coordinate, including some neutrals, and as i began adding them in to my blocks, i was able to breathe a sigh of relief as it toned down some blocks in some ways, and allowed my grunge to take a break.
fussy cuts
yes, some of my blocks will be featuring fussy cuts.  some very random, some have a theme, but all are for fun!  they are mostly intended to match with the fabric of the block they are arranged in, so there is some cohesion between it all.  i won't say what they are, so you'll have to wait and see!
the blog
now, as i mentioned earlier, i don't want to leave you blog followers hangin' and not see what gets posted in case you aren't instagrammers (if you are, follow me wereradletshug) BUT there is a catch.  i'm sure i'll be trying to keep my brain on straight just to remember to post on there daily, but blogging takes a little bit more to it.  SO, here's my plan.
i plan to post on here every 10 blocks (ideally every 10 days) for you to see, as well as keep a record for myself.  that way, there aren't 100s of posts to scroll through, just about 10 or 12 between july 7th when it starts and october 14 when it ends (this intro post, plus i'm sure a final round up post included).
I also have a TON of finished quilts coming up, and i wouldn't want them to not have their time to shine as well!
kick off
well, all the fun officially begins tomorrow, with some people being "in the future" living in the southern hemisphere already having their fun begin at this very moment.  it isn't too late to join in, since you post in your own time zone!
i'm super excited about this project, as it is pushing my current set limits by including insane amounts of color, smaller block sizes & hints of fussy cutting all tossed in to a crazy time frame

Saturday, June 30, 2018

fussy cut sampler - chapter 6

whoooaaaa we're halfway there!
whoooaaaa i just fussy cut a squ-are!
can you believe it?  we're at the halfway mark of the fussy cut sampler for the year, and it is all downhill from here!  not in a negative sort of way, since this project has really pushed me to look at fabrics differently.  that, apparently, has come as what feels like a blessing and a curse.  my blocks look amazing (in my very biased opinion) but at the same time if something is a smidgen off, it starts to make me grumble a bit... like all the 1.5" squares you'll see in the first block of this chapter.  those are killing me every time i have to use them!  without further delay, here are the blocks from chapter 6!
i'm not going to lie to you...
i love all these blocks, but the 2nd and 3rd ones make me nervous about blending in with the rest of the blocks.  i mean, that dinosaur face on the third block?  cracks me up, but does it match?  oy!  i'll definitely need to make a 2nd block with that bright busy color scheme as well as the 2nd block's lighter colors just so they at least have one matched counterpart to help balance things out.
my favorite favorite block so far probably has to be space cats and falling stars (4th block shown here, i believe it is block number 24 in the book) i was struggling for figuring out what to fit in those triangles, and then space cats just felt right.  i almost used a navy grunge, but when i remembered i had those falling stars... i knew i had to do it!  of course, late night marco polo videos with lisa also agreed with me.
well, that's a wrap on chapter 6!  i'll leave you with this one final note along with my sorrows that i won't be able to attend classes in july... stupid adulting making me work longer so i can have money to buy more fabric...  i mean food... i mean food and fabric... anyways, starting july 7, you'll see another batch of sewing along fun that will also combine this newly discovered fussy cutting skill... stay tuned, you might see an intro post on july 6th!

Thursday, May 31, 2018

fussy cut sampler - chapter 5

i actually got all these blocks done early in the month, which means i nearly forgot to post them!
some of these block are a little bolder in color, which feels a little crazy for sure, but the blocks are great all the same!  hopefully not too insane when they are all next to each other.  i haven't used those kites since the beginning, so now they won't be alone!  i was also able to FINALLY use some of my fabric i purchased way back at the start of this all, since i finally had a need for a long, skinny rectangle.  hellooooo perfect space for a long bodied dinosaur!  did that stop me from buying more fabric?  nope.  two things just arrived in the mail this week.  oops.  but then again, who am i apologizing to?  nobody.  it is my fabric lovin' happiness!
those knittens were just too cute to pass up!  and those dinosaur bones?  love it.
NOW you can see why i end up snagging so many random quarter yard pieces.  too good to leave behind.
etsy is a dangerous place, my friends...
and now, for the whole sha-bang for the month!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

it's gonna be may (2018)

well shoot... hestartedre we are and it is already may!
where has the time gone?  it feels like april was a blur, starting with a funeral and ending with a wedding... i know other things happened in between, but honestly... i can't tell you much of what.
here's a little bit of an update of what i do remember!
fussy cut sampler is still going strong.  as you saw yesterday, chapter 4 is done and chapter 5 will be starting tomorrow.  i'm officially a third of the way done!  that just means blocks are going to get trickier from here...  oy.
music quilts are moving right along.  i finished the top of the raspberry kiss/pixelated paper heart quilt top, and have started my 2nd one.  as of last night, i have nine of my 20 flying geese pieced, and everything else is cut out and ready to go.  after i finish the top, i'll need to measure both and head to thistle dew in fair oaks to see how much backing i'll need.  they have the wide width grunge marks the spot in red and i think that will work perfectly for both quilts.
100 days 100 blocks.  say whaaaat, something new that has started?  you betcha! lisa casually mentioned doing this sew along on instagram, and after much thought and an impulse purchase on my account, we both committed to it!  last weekend was our cousin brian's wedding, so lisa came in to town a day early and we got a bit of sewing in.  we both pre-made the first few blocks together... which left us itching for more sew time together.  once i get these two music quilts done, i'm hoping to churn out a few more before the start date in july.
bullet journaling was something i mentioned trying out at the end of february, so i decided to give it a go this past month.  i've come to enjoy it, and it helps me keep track of things much better than my typical planner did.  i think the different spreads are really helping me know to check off things and keep myself motivated.  the picture above is from the start of the month, but i did pretty well keeping track of things on my goal tracker (the boxes) daily and trying to fill more in.  i didn't do so well with my budget tracker, since i found myself spending more and more and not wanting to admit it to myself.  i think i might add it as one of my boxes on that tracker and hope to encourage myself to not impulse buy as much... but i bet you can guess the number one thing i impulse bought.
yep... fabric...
that said, i did find myself making time for sewing a lot more often this month than i had months prior.  i think i've come to find that it is my way to truly shut off what is going on at work and such and just create.  this month especially, it has become my outlet to help those that are in need.  i made 50+ cat blocks one weekend for another quilter who lost her 6 year old to the flu, and she intends to make mini quilts for her daughter's classmates.  i plan to make a quilt for my grandma & my aunt this year, since they lost their husband/father this past month.  quilting seems to be my way to help others right now, and in a round about way, help myself.  my goal is to do something sewing related daily in may, whether it is cutting, sewing or quilting, i am itching to reach that 31 day goal.  believe me, with this being the last month of prek, heading towards summer camp and dance recital, i'll need some stress relief!  let's see if i can do it without having too much retail therapy at the same time.  ha!

Monday, April 30, 2018

fussy cut sampler - chapter 4

in the midst of all that went on this month, i still managed to get all of my chapter work done this month!  i bought more fabric, even though i said i wouldn't, but at least i already put it to good use!  it was this month that i realized i had a lot of BOLD blocks, and thought i would try toning some of my upcoming colors down a bit.  my struggle currently resides in the fact i bought so much navy that i really don't have any middle blues to bridge the gap at the moment... and i'm REALLY trying to not buy anything more... but i already did that last week when i found myself at thistle dew in fair oaks.  again, sorry not sorry... more about that shopping trip later.
i've come to find, and i think my fellow fussy cats have as well, that the class time together is best spent planning and cutting, then sewing them together at a later date - in my case, i've used maker monday evenings to do them which really seems to work great since they are more portable than some of my full quilt top projects.  and yes, i'm still working to keep that equal balance of cats, dinosaurs & cats/dinosaurs!  it is harder than i thought it would be!  that might also be why i keep buying fabric...
and just like that, chapter 4 is done.
hard to believe that in just 2 days, chapter 5 will be beginning!
as the school year comes to an end and the summer camp days inch closer, i REALLY hope my work schedule doesn't mess with my fussy cut class attendance!  i need those social sewing days, that's for sure.  i'm looking forward to finding out what my next batch is going to look like, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

disney sweater block quilt

Here it is, the moment you've been waiting for
Here it is, you know exactly what's in store
Now's the time we laugh until our sides get sore
Now's the time we crown the King of Fools!

whoa there just a minute...
no king of fools here, just one quilt that i am SO EXCITED to be blogging!
granted, it has been done for a good while now, but when your camera card reader goes missing, that leads to delays.  anywho... this quilt has been a long time coming, and i think officially my first sew along finish... and also i think the only sew along i have participated in.  AND the first paper piecing project i actually get to keep for myself!  some reason i keep giving those to babies...
drum roll please...
back in november of 2016, lisa mentioned a sew along being hosted on instagram for kidgiddy's ugly sweater block, just in time for the holiday season.  well, i wanted to join in the fun, but i didn't want to make christmas sweaters like everyone else.  i had two thoughts.  i can make cat sweaters or i can make disney sweaters.  i decided to go with the latter, due to my nostalgia for the 90's sweatshirts i had as a kid - you can see all my posts by searching the tag disney sweater blocks on instagram.  in all, i believe i had 84 blocks by the end, and wanted a quilt big enough to become my "travel quilt" since i like to take my own quilt when i stay over places.  i went with a "plus" layout with a black and white spotted fabric to make the pluses stand out more.  my initial plan was a super cute yet simple mickey fabric that was black with little white mickey silhouettes on it.  sadly, i couldn't find any yardage of it when it came time.  while some are cut from the same fabric, no two sweaters are the same, and i was quite impressed with how many different characters i was able to find.
now since they're so small in the large photo... for the detail photo spam!
when i was planning to quilt it, i was stumped.  obviously i wanted it quilted well, and i knew i would do it on the long arm.  i was nervous about my free motion skills, and i also didn't want to quilt over the sweaters, especially with black thread.  i decided to do big bubbles/pebbles to mimic the spots in the black and white fabric and also give a sort of "hidden mickey" essence - whether i successfully did that or not, i don't know!  after i quilted it on the long arm, i decided it still need a little refinement, so i used my walking foot on my home machine and  stitched around the plus shapes to frame up the quilting when you looked at the back.  it isn't perfect, but i love it!
did i get some comments while i was quilting this?  you betcha.
"oh, this must be for a little one!"
no, it's for me!
"oh... so you like FROZEN?" (mind you, there are like 4 frozen blocks on this entire quilt...)
bah, whatever ladies.  pretty sure they were just jealous they didn't come up with the idea!
of course, now it is far too warm outside to layer up two quilts on my bed, let alone flannel ones, so now this just lays there, longing for cooler weather, much like myself.
block pattern: the original ugly christmas sweater block
total quilt count: 110

Thursday, April 5, 2018

jewel tone 9 patch baby quilt

time for a fresh finish!
a dear friend of mine just had baby number 3, and i couldn't help but throw something together for her newest little one!  the last quilt i made was in 2014 for her little boy (mod chevron) so i went with the same classic, crisp feel with this cute little 9 patch.  i used fabrics left over from 2 previous projects, plus the backing was something i already had in my stash that i inherited from my mom (or possibly my grandma.)  overall, it is bright, cheery and simply perfect for a new little one!
since it is for a baby girl, i wanted the "girl colors" to be one of the main colors, so i made purple one of the colors that was used 3 times as well as the aqua colors.  the white prints are scattered throughout to give a scrappy yet cohesive feel - most if not all of them have some form of floral print on it.
the original projects the fabrics came from were actually two i made for myself.
the colors came from my coloradifornia cameras quilt, and the whites were what i purchased for my pudge catvent quilt!  i used some of the same white fabrics that were still wide enough to create a scrappy white binding for the quilt.  yes, it's white and for a baby... but it just looked so cute!
the backing was a lucky find in my stash that happened to coordinate well with the fabrics used on the front.
this was a fun and quick project to put together, and i cannot wait for it to be enjoyed by its owner for years to come.  i'd absolutely do this pattern again, since the squares allow for both prints and solids to be featured well.  fussy cut i-spy style options, perhaps?  we'll have to wait and see the next time a baby quilt comes around... or if i double the size of this quilt.  so many options!
total quilt count: 109