Thursday, April 5, 2018

jewel tone 9 patch baby quilt

time for a fresh finish!
a dear friend of mine just had baby number 3, and i couldn't help but throw something together for her newest little one!  the last quilt i made was in 2014 for her little boy (mod chevron) so i went with the same classic, crisp feel with this cute little 9 patch.  i used fabrics left over from 2 previous projects, plus the backing was something i already had in my stash that i inherited from my mom (or possibly my grandma.)  overall, it is bright, cheery and simply perfect for a new little one!
since it is for a baby girl, i wanted the "girl colors" to be one of the main colors, so i made purple one of the colors that was used 3 times as well as the aqua colors.  the white prints are scattered throughout to give a scrappy yet cohesive feel - most if not all of them have some form of floral print on it.
the original projects the fabrics came from were actually two i made for myself.
the colors came from my coloradifornia cameras quilt, and the whites were what i purchased for my pudge catvent quilt!  i used some of the same white fabrics that were still wide enough to create a scrappy white binding for the quilt.  yes, it's white and for a baby... but it just looked so cute!
the backing was a lucky find in my stash that happened to coordinate well with the fabrics used on the front.
this was a fun and quick project to put together, and i cannot wait for it to be enjoyed by its owner for years to come.  i'd absolutely do this pattern again, since the squares allow for both prints and solids to be featured well.  fussy cut i-spy style options, perhaps?  we'll have to wait and see the next time a baby quilt comes around... or if i double the size of this quilt.  so many options!
total quilt count: 109

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

april overview

i figured with it being april now, it was about time for an update post.  i've been doing well keeping you up to date with my fussy cut sampler at the end of each month, but there is so much more going on right now as well!  that first photo up there is a huge clue as well!
music quilts 2018
alas, all things must come to an end... sort of.
after 5 years of doing raffle quilts (10 quilts total) i will not be making any quilts for the camp this year.  my mom is no longer an employee of the camp, and was a driving force (and fabric purchaser) behind the quilt making.  that said, i still have a haul of music fabric that will be still receiving a life of its own this summer.  the first, seen above, is a special project for my the wife of my parent's high school band director.  ted webber was the band director at mira loma high school for my parents as well as a few of my uncles.  ted was half the driving force behind donner mine music camp, and passed away last august from leukemia.  as much as i remember ted being around when i was little, i remember his wife carol as well, and felt like she needed a little something in the best way i could deem possible.  i've selected fabrics in mira loma's school colors to be the main focus of the raspberry kiss block (i used the 12.5 size tutorial here) and they will be paired with the heart block from my tea & brie's pixelated paper hearts pattern.  as you can see, the music fabric will be the background of the quilt, being subtle but still relevant :)
the other quilt will be going to another employee of the camp that my mom worked with over the years.  she tried SO HARD each year to win the raffle, but did not succeed.  perhaps we'll have to get her a wonka bar with a golden ticket in it this year.  she makes some pretty dang good baked goods, so she's pretty deserving of a quilt!
finished quilts
that's right... i have not just one, but TWO finished projects that are going to be posted soon.  one was a quick project, but if you've been following me on instagram you'll know the other one has been a long time coming.
upcoming projects
now that my to finish list has died down, my eyes are now on projects up and coming to start.  i don't have any current deadlines until summer, so i have a little bit of a breather before cram time.  well, ideally i don't want to hit cram time.  perhaps i'll work in some more stash busting, since i keep ending up with more patterns to try out! 
other randoms
other things i have coming up include preschool open house, which is going to be an event in itself.  our theme again this year is "under the reading rainbow" but i've really taken in to looking at the ideas and plan to dive in to it deeper this year.  i've got a whole lot of great ideas, and i plan to share them should everything come together as my brain desires them to!
also, bullet journaling.
i've been intrigued by this concept of planning, tracking and motivating in a DIY sort of way.  is it taboo to start in the middle of the year?  middle being april, that is.  i guess a third is more like it?  anyways, i've been watching videos on this trying to wrap my brain around it looking to see if it is something i would be successful with... i suppose that it is crafty in it's own way!

Friday, March 30, 2018

fussy cut sampler - chapter 3

march came, and march went... just like that!
this month, i did the process of making my blocks a little differently.
at the monthly class, i simply cut and planned.  mostly because this whole "transparency" concept was making my brain hurt.  i picked out a few more yellows to intertwine, since i didn't have anything to represent a lighter shade.  i also threw in some lighter blues, in hopes to balance out that color since all i had so far was navy, navy and more navy.  no shame in that, but was trying to figure out how to bridge the gap between the dark and light.  this chapter sure helped that!  i also finally got to use some of my new cat fabric that i've been dying to use - you'll see it on block 4, which i've been planning out in my brain since i knew what it consisted of (scale).
so here are my blocks, 2 of which i love, 1 of which i tolerate (it is the only block in the book that doesn't really fit any fussy cuts.  don't get me wrong, i like it, it is just missing a cat or a dinosaur!) and 1 block that i'm still debating if i tolerate it or if i will re do it to add said missing cat or dinosaur.
and there is month three!
i still need to look in to more dinosaur prints, as to add some variety in to the next blocks.
believe me, i have my etsy cart filled with a few ready to go, just waiting for that paycheck to hit!
i actually sewed all four of my blocks together at maker monday, which might be my new strategy to get these done each month.  if i use the time on the first class of the month to plan and cut, then i can just sew the other times... AND i will only have to haul my machine once.  that might be the stronger selling point.  especially if i plan to have my machine serviced at some point.  anywho...
here's the month's blocks hanging out together! as you can see, i'm trying to step back on my yellow and bring some green back in again.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

candy cats quilt along - baby quilt

this quilt had a whole lot of different ideas before it became a reality.
i knew i wanted to use these bolder, primary colors but just couldn't decide on which animal to turn it in to.  why animals?  well, the momma of this fresh little one is quite an animal lover, so it only felt right.  i thought about foxes and i thought about bears, but neither one felt right.  then i saw a quilt along pop up on instagram and new it was perfect.  schnitzel and boo put together a quilt along using unicorn hart's candy cat pattern and that's when it hit me.  i had made her daughter a kitty quilt back in 2015 (daffodils & kitty cats), and so it was only fitting that baby brother had a cat quilt to call his own.
the candy cats block was just perfect, these wide eyed kitties and i had the perfect fabric already for it.  using a variety of reds, yellows, greens & oranges really popped out against the blue fabric.  i mixed the colors with one another creating a variety of kittens.
i used some pieces of red to pop against the blue when binding the quilt just to shake things up a little bit.  i did an all over free motion motif of a looser square (much like i did on my patchwork pumpkins quilt) which helped keep the kittens the main focus.  it was tricky this time, since the top thread blended so well in to the background.  i had to rely quite a bit on feeling, simply to find where my last stitch row was in order to not quilt too loosely or tightly to keep it as consistent as possible.
my mom was actually the one to suggest using the pete the cat fabric for the back of the quilt, and once the idea was in my head, i couldn't let it go.  pete is one of favorite stories to have in my preschool classroom, and whenever i have the chance i share this groovy kitty with my friends and their little ones.
it was nice to brush off my paper piecing skills for a bit, and what better way to do it than with cats?
once i got in the rhythm of it again, these cats came together quickly and oh so cutely.
as soon as it arrived to it's new home, i got to see some sweet photos of baby brother on his kitty quilt and big sister wrapped up like a burrito in hers.
i'd say that is a photo that can make any quilter happy as ever.
total quilts number: 108

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

half hexi smokey cat baby quilt

this poor little quilt got formulated, shopped for and prewashed back in the summer time, and then craziness hit.  jacob & sarah moved their wedding date, so that quilt had to be finished, and then i decided to make my pumpkin quilt in october (which didn't get finished until december) and so it sat.  my dear friend jessica had her second baby girl last year, and i decided she needed a kitty themed quilt.  growing up, she had a black cat named smokey, so when i found this adorable kitty fabric, i knew it was mean to be.   after months of sitting and waiting, these fabrics finally became a top in january at maker monday and got finished up just last month.  the inspiration for this quilt pattern came from one angelina showed us a few maker mondays prior, using hexagons & triangles in various ways to create different shapes and designs.  i had used triangles time and time again, so now it was time to give hexis a go, and i love it!
i may be in the midst of a fussy cut kick, but that peeking kitty was totally a happy accident!
i love that i was able to find this fabric in both colorways - the blue was perfect all alone, but the white just helped lighten things up a little bit with still having some crazy kitties in there.
i got about a yard and a half for the backing of this quilt, because these kitties were too cute to not have everywhere! i really want to buy some more just for myself to hoard. not sure the red will blend with my fussy cut sampler though... ha! i wanted the hexagons to be framed up, which looks awesome on the back as well. some portions also look a little lava lamp-esque... if that's a thing!
with this quilt officially posted, that makes it the first finish of 2018!
i had to go back and check my quilt count, because it had been that long... but this is the first out of (maybe) 20 quilts for the year.  random number goal, don't worry.  i don't actually have 20 quilts currently planned...  more like 10.  ha!
total quilts number: 107 quilts

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

fussy cut sampler - chapter 2

i feel like i've blinked, and now february is over!
totally failed at a mid-month check in, but at least now i'm here with the update for my fussy cut sampler quilt.  this month was all about striped fabric and incorporating it in to the blocks as well.  luckily, stripes also mean fabric that has a design organized in rows which allowed some of my themed prints to fit in quite nicely.  am i guilty of purchasing more fabric than technically needed?  absolutely.  but i'm finding that i have the prints for the fussy cut, but not so much the solid/blender parts.  when i first made the first block (the pluses) i had a totally different fabric in the bottom corner.  it said stripes, so i went with the one striped fabric i had.  i had a huge mental debate in my head, and ignored my gut feeling of the dinosaurs and went with the stripes...
i.  hated.  it.
that same week, while planning to prep the fabric for the rest of my blocks, i ripped it apart and resewed it to what it is now.  lesson learned for the month:  trust your gut instinct.   here's the whole collection for chapter 2 (technically blocks 5-8, but i keep writing them as 2.1-2.4)
i think blocks 2 & 3 for this month are my favorites.  that big cat ball fabric is a new one i purchased while on a mini field trip and has cat balls of all sizes.  they just crack me up!  probably because they look like mushu... one fat cat ball.
i also took a conscious effort to look in to getting some more yellow fabrics to blend in with that cray bold block from chapter one, and i'm really liking the balance between the blue, green & yellow with the grays and whites.  i have some pink fabric i'm a little afraid to use, since i don't know if it will totally overthrow the color scheme or just add a little punch in here and there.  if i use it (it's the same cat pink dots as the blue on block 4) i know there is some pink dinosaur fabric designed by dear stella that would fall in as well.  do i want to add pink?  even just a little pop here and there?  let me know what you think!
and since i didn't think to to do this last month,  here's chapter one's blocks all together, followed by chapter 2.
chapter 1
chapter 2
spoiler alert: i've got some new cat fabric i can't wait to use in chapter 3!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

fussy cut sampler - chapter 1

i'm sitting here, mostly in disbelief that today is the last day of january!
i don't have any mega finished projects to share, but i do have my first four blocks from the fussy cut sampler i am participating in.  my first 3 blocks are pretty subtle, but block number 4 is quite a change in color.  originally i was going with just blues & greens as well as gray as a neutral, but i felt like it needed a little punch of a third color in there.  so what better color to pair with blue & green but some yellow?  i may have gone a little intense with this one, but i intend to also include some yellow throughout as well - especially since some of the dinosaurs have yellow in it as well.
i'll admit, i've been doing a lot of sporadic shopping for these and so i have a LOT of fabrics to mix in... or not... but since i love these colors, it is all good!  anyways, without further delay, here are january's blocks.
the next chapter starts in a week, and i'm excited to see what happens with those blocks.
i know stripes are involved!