Tuesday, September 18, 2018

100 days 100 blocks - 61-70

not gonna lie, i had a lot of fun with some of these stripes!
i'll admit, some got a little wonky towards the end when it was stripes on stripes on stripes... but i'll probably tweak those ones a bit (and starch the crud out of them) before they become a final quilt top.  i'm also coming to find i'm going to have a LOT of random fabrics leftover... which means i'll have SO many more options for future quilt project!  i mean in these 10, there are multiple fish/ocean themed ones... must be my initiation for a life of fussy cutting.  hoorah!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

twin baby girls quilt - zack

and here we are at the matched set for the "zoe" baby quilt seen earlier this week!
this layout of the blocks turns the quilt in to a big zig zag shaped pattern, which was so much fun to mix and match to get the layout of colors just perfectly.
this quilt was the perfect matched set, despite the accidental over sizing for a baby quilt.
my aunt even commented that my quilts are getting bigger.  ha!  talk about math issues.  oops!
these quilts were also my first experience machine sewing on binding, and i think for a first timer i didn't do too bad!  being able to alternate the binding and backing colors from the other quilt was another fun way to tie the two together besides just the colors of the front fabric!  i hope these quilts get lots of love for years to come, and i look forward to someday repeating these patterns!
quilt pattern: zoe or zack by the fat quarter gypsy
quilt count: 113

Monday, September 10, 2018

twin baby girls quilt - zoe

in the midst of all my summer plans, my aunt asked me to make a set of quilt for one of the ladies in her office who happened to be having twin girls!  i knew exactly which pattern to use, as it featured two different layouts of the same blocks.
this "zoe" version uses the scrappy half square triangles and turns them in to these parallelogram/diamond shapes letting the white be the negative space and not overly quilt it a lot.
it was a fun and quick little project, and i can't wait for you to see the "zack" part two coming up soon!
for this quilt, i used the pink colorway of the purple with hearts used for binding and followed the edges of the half square triangles for the quilting to frame everything up and help make it pop!
my sizing may have been a little bit off for a baby quilt, but at least they will be able to grow in to it!
quilt pattern: zoe or zack by the fat quarter gypsy
quilt count: 112

Thursday, September 6, 2018

100 days 100 blocks - 51-60

we are officially past the halfway mark, can you believe it?
not only that, but this set of blocks ends the triangle section and jumps on in to stripes!
this was also the bunch that ended my presewn blocks, which has made it fun to get back in to block planning.  i've purchased some new fabrics to fussy cut from, such as the taco fabric that i HAD to have!  this batch of blocks had another fun set of some being fussy cut, while others being just a balance of color.  40 more blocks to go!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

migration music quilt

so yeah, it has been like a thousand years since i posted a finished quilt on here.
well since april, which feels like yesterday and so long ago all at the same time...
today is the day that starts to change!
my summer was a little crazy.  i went from having 2 projects to 6 all with a specific deadline for each one, which meant less time blogging and more time sewing.  but i procrastinated... but this was actually the first quilt done, which means 5 more are coming soon!  (well one needs binding still... but that is beside the point)
i've done music quilts for the past 5ish years or so (i know i counted them at one point) but since my mom wasn't working for the camp anymore, and was a financial donor to the projects, they just weren't going to happen on my "i have to pay rent now" budget.  BUT, over the past 5ish years or so, there has been one person yearning to win a quilt, yet failing each time, all while making us delicious baked goods.  so this quilt was specifically made for her, complete with a "golden ticket" so that she knew not to allow anyone else to swipe it from her hands.
i found the pattern at a quilt shop that was going out of business (the owners were retiring) and thought it would make a great pattern for this quilt!  in the original pattern, the flying geese are made from HST, but i didn't want a seam running through the middle of each block.  i made each one a rectangle, with the background fabric being black on black treble clefs, as seen in many music quilts gone by.
since previous music quilts have attempted to steer clear of any "school color" involvement (the camp hosted many students from many different schools) i had acquired a lot of music fabric that was set to the side since it didn't quite fit the black/white/gold/silver schemes that happened before.
that said... i LOVE the pops of color in this one!  the red just adds that much more visual interest to the quilt to take it from simple flying geese to a little more excitement.  the piano keys even have stripes of red, as does some of the text on a few gray prints.  well... enough words for now.  on to more photos!
i quilted this using the long arm rental program at meissner's this summer, and used the same loopy motif that i used on one of last year's quilts.  it just worked so well, echoing the idea of a treble clef throughout the quilt.  it was a rough thread breaking sort of day that day, but i got through it!
will it be weird not making music quilts each summer?
sure, as it often takes adjusting when change happens...  buuuuut i'd be lying if i said i didn't already make one from start to almost finish with the scraps from this quilt.  more on that another day!  this quilt was well received by it's "golden ticket" winner, which is one reason why i love to quilt randomly like this... the reactions are the best!
quilt pattern: migration by running doe quilts
total quilt count: 111

Friday, August 31, 2018

fussy cut sampler - chapter 8

in contrast to last month's blocks being done moments before the month ended, these ones were finished just days in to the month!  our fussy cut class was actually on the first of the month, which also made this a 5 wednesday month.  it feels like it has been forever since i finished these guys, but looking at the photos of them again makes me so happy.  something about the fabrics and the blocks just clicked, and once i knew what ideas i had in place, i didn't second guess a single thing.
i used this chapter's blocks to also bring a bit more gray back in to the quilt.  i think for awhile it went to a bold color filled way that while i love those blocks, it needed more of a middle ground between some of my much lighter blocks.  block 4 in this set even features a very velcro (one of our own real life kitty boys, not the sewing notion) looking kitty as well as a little elroy looking cat in the center.  just needs a little pink nose on him!
this chapter also makes me want to have a quilt entirely of the first block you're about to see.  it is such a cute little block!
this all means we are at 3/4 of the way done... INSANE!
our monthly class has dwindled a bit in those attending, last few months there were just the bare minimum of us.  i so hope that everyone finishes it up, because so many people had cool project ideas... and cat fabric themes!
i still feel like i have so much to learn in the realm of fussy cutting, but it also seems i may have sparked the interest of my mom with this project.  perhaps i'll have to loan her my book when this is all over so she can make a cat filled fussy cut quilt herself... if you saw her cat fabric collection, you'd instantly know where i get it from!

Monday, August 27, 2018

100 days 100 blocks - 41-50

one thing about this set of blocks is that they didn't involve as much fussy cutting as other groups of 10 have so far.  that might be the best for these triangles, since some of them were a little crazy to get through!  it will (hopefully) also help balance out the quilt with a mix of fussy cuts and a mix without... ideally i won't have accidentally used the same colors for the color only blocks.  there's no turning back now, these blocks are done and waiting for the rest of their friends to get completed!