Tuesday, November 7, 2017

month of me project one kick off - alaskan batik quilt

hey there!
i said i would be back soon with a little bit more about what i have in store for the month of me, so here we are with the kick off post.  and, to try something new i've been thinking about, here's a little video post about it as well!  of course, i'll have more photos down below because i couldn't leave it empty.  so without further adieu, here's we're rad, let's quilt episode 1!
a lot shorter than my last video with lisa, am i right?  haha.
how did you like that peek at my pumpkins so far?  halloween quilt turned fall turned trying to get done!
so this first project's fabric was collected over my two trips to alaska thus far, and i am going to start things off by making the quilt i have planned!  i purchased the fat quarters on my first trip last year and then got the backing, border & sashing/binding when i was there in june.  i'm super lucky to have friends that understand my way of exploring and remembering my adventures is through fabric shopping and i cannot wait to have this quilt finished so i can take it up there and show it off!  of course, i'll photograph it here in california when it is done, but photos of it in alaska would be just so much more epic!
here's some still photos of the fabric as well, taken on my new apartment balcony.
and come on... those otters!! :)
and i don't want to give too much away just yet, so here's a peek at the book i'll be using a pattern from!  it's called quilt batik! by cheryl brown.  go figure, it is another on loan from the grammy quilt book library.
stay tuned to see where the progress goes from here!  pumpkins?  alaska?  to be determined!  either way, they're both for me :)

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

november is MY month

hey howdy hey!
if this is your first time here, welcome!
i'm emily, the resident sewist/blogger in this part of town.
short summary:  i've been sewing off and on for a long time, and really restarted my sewing game in 2006 when i made quilts for my senior project in high school - something i SWORE i would never do.
fast forward 11 years, and now i'm a member of the sacramento modern quilt guild (sacmqg on instagram), a certified long arm renter at meissner sewing and vacuum, and i've taken almost a dozen different quilting classes this year alone!  as it turns out, i've made over 100 quilts throughout the years, and needless to say, i've found my way so far and still love the journey. 
i had this post all pre-written, and once i went to throw the photos in (aka the one photo above) i realized a lot of changes have happened since then and it needed a rewrite, so here we go!
november is MY month (aka my birthday is on sunday) so i wanted to do something a little different and make my projects all about me!  sure, i love sewing for particular people, but it was about time i took a break from those and put time in to finishing (or starting) projects i wanted to have all for myself but never quite made the time for.
here's the kick off post, with five (different than instagram) things about me!
1.  i still have two baby teeth!
almost 29 and those baby teeth are still holding on strong.  though, i'd be lying if i said i wasn't nervous about the thought of losing them... i don't have any grown up teeth coming in!
2.  my first "when i grow up" job that i can recall is wanting to work on sesame street.  i don't remember having any other ideas after that until i actually (sort of) figured out what i wanted to do.  now if i could just make quilting a job, i'd be set!
3.  as my cousin lisa would agree... dr. pepper is life.
i don't drink coffee or tea (just don't like the taste) and hot cocoa isn't my thing.
but dr. pepper/pibb makes my world go round.
and my sewing get done late in to the night.
4. my favorite color is teal!
oddly enough, i don't think i've made myself anything involving that particular color yet... perhaps that will be added on to my "things to make myself" list.  its a constantly growing list it seems.
5. i love classic disney, but ever since pixar joined the scene, that is what my magical loving heart has fallen even more in love with.  top three disney/pixar films are: toy story, up & inside out.  surprisingly (or not really) i've dressed up as a character from each of those movies for halloween.  also, i plan to have an "up" themed wedding some day ;)

come back soon (probably monday for starters!) and see what my plans for sewing through my "month of me" are!  i might have a few tricks up my sleeves to give a few new things a go with my new adventures in life.
happy wednesday!

Monday, October 30, 2017

black white and red comfy quilt

so my boss has cancer.
crazy blunt way to start a post, am i right?  i may as well jump in to it and rip that bandaid off.
so again, my boss & dance teacher of 25+ years has been diagnosed with a form of cancer that generally is linked with the HPV virus.  well, to her luck, she's in the 2% that tested negative for HPV and all other factors that could play in to it developing.  after a short notice staff meeting where we all were filled in to what was going on and that she would be starting chemotherapy and radiation soon i sat on the fact of wondering what could i do.  a few days later, it was obvious that i needed to throw everything else aside and make her a quilt that would be comforting to use throughout her treatments, forced bed rest and beyond.  our studio colors, which are also her favorite colors, are red, black & white.  once i found this great pattern my grandma had loaned me, i found a few packs of fat quarters to do just the trick.  just over a week later, this quilt was done start to finish.
i found that joann fabrics now has wide width flannel, so i got a big piece of red flannel to use for the backing.  due to flannel shrinkage, i had to trim down the third border, but if i hadn't told you, it wouldn't be apparent! a simple black binding to frame it all up, and all was exactly as i envisioned this quick project.  i was able to get my cousin (also a coworker of mine) to deliver it for me, and i got the most wonderful text in response from my boss.  cancer gets two thumbs down in my book, but this is the first time it has hit this close to someone in my every day life.  ugh!  happy vibes are being sent out, that's for sure!
quilt number: 102
pattern: comfy by lavender lime

Thursday, October 26, 2017

teal, burgundy & orange boardwalk wedding quilt

jacob & sarah got engaged in january, at initially planned a summer wedding for 2018.  as their time engaged passed on and then may rolled around, they decided to change their date from june 2018 to september 2017.  oy!  being jacob's cousin, i of course planned to make them a wedding quilt, but now went from an entire year to make one to just a few short months.  ack!  they picked their wedding colors of teal, burgundy & orange and i began to think on how to make them a quilt using just these colors.  at the end of the preschool year, i received a pair of leggings in these colors, plus purples, greens & yellows and knew instantly how to work the colors in.  i found a great pattern by cluck cluck sew and started gathering dozens of fat quarters to complete this quilt.  a little gray helped balance everything out instead of a stark white, and their fall wedding quilt came in to completion.  i bought a few pantographs including "macrame" from urban elementz and after an instagram survey, felt like it would be the perfect way to finish off this quilt.  a few days renting the long arm (had a mishap that involved tension issues & seam ripping) it got all quilted & bound just days before their wedding.  i am so happy with the final result of this beast, i kept telling myself "i want a queen size quilt for my bed!"
someday, emily...
someday soon, i hope.
here's some pictures of this colorful fall wedding quilt!
quilt number: 101
pattern: boardwalk by cluck cluck sew

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

long arm quilting with natalia bonner

a handful of months ago, it was mentioned at one of our quilt guild meetings that a professional quilter would be offering classes at meissners in september.  i jumped online when i got home and registered myself for two out of the three classes being offered.
to be honest i knew nothing about Natalia Bonner at all, but i was excited for the opportunity to take some classes from a different instructor.  plus, every time i have gone in to use the long arm, i have steered myself away from thinking about free motion, and just stuck with pantographs.  the two classes i took were called "beginner's guide to free motion quilting" and "creative background fillers."  i opted out of taking "visual guide to machine quilting feathers" because i didn't feel like feathers were something that would interest me (since then, i've signed up for Angelina's feathers & swirls class in december)
i feel like with these classes i learned a good handful of things, but overall i feel a lot more confident in my free motion quilting.  when i took my initial certification class nearly a year ago, i felt very overwhelmed and put crazy expectations on myself.  plus, i was paired with someone who used to own her own long arm.  talk about intense!  now, almost a year later, i feel like i have a better grasp on the concepts of it, and enjoy it WAY more than when i did it on my home machine.  currently, i have one quilt that i do plan to free motion, just have to figure out what design will work best!
here's a look at some of my practice chunks, forever immortalized in blog format :)
day 1: beginner's guide to free motion quilting
day 2: creative background fillers
there are a few motifs that i'm excited to use from these classes.
i particularly like the wood grain from the first day, and i think that would look great on a baby boy quilt of sorts.  i really like the dense all over squares (did them both days) as well as the crackle looking one.  i think the crackle will look great on my pumpkin quilt, so hopefully i can get a move on that to make it happen!  surprisingly i didn't hate doing the swirls as much as i thought i would, and it was great to have angelina there to hang out with on the second day of classes!  i'm ready to get long arm quilting again, and will very likely be trying a free motion style when i am working on one of my projects :)

Thursday, October 19, 2017

twin dogs in sweaters quilt

way back when i was in colorado for spring break, lisa and i took over 52quilters on instagram.  we planned to do something awesome for our dads, who happened to be twins.  now that this quilt has been delivered (since june, actually) you can watch the whole video of us being chatty cousins here and talking a bit about this project:
now that you've gotten caught up on us and the planning process, you can return here!
well, if you didn't i'll zoom through the highlights.
lisa & i have twin dads that even though we are very much cat people have a love for weenie dogs.  lisa's dad wrote a book about a wiener dog man, while my dad has a wiener dog puppet he uses for performances (such as our local cowboy poetry).  we spent my spring break together shopping for our fabric as well as completing the quilt tops before i headed back home.  also, dr. pepper is delicious.  our dads received their quilts at the end of june, which is their birthday month.
for my dogs (dogs in sweaters pattern by elizabeth hartman, btw) i chose yellow sweaters to "match" my dad's blankie from years gone by.  the background on the front is a moda grunge to tie in lisa's dad's "blue" color (the color is called peacock) which helps the yellow and brown pop out as well!  we both used the same fabric for the back of the quilt.  ideally, we wanted a blue and yellow plaid, but holly's quilt cabin didn't have enough yardage for both of us, so we got a blue one!  i used yellow as my bobbin thread when quilting to bring the yellow in like i had wanted.  now, on to the quilt!
the pantograph used for quilting is called "bauhaus" by urban elementz and i just love it!  sure, i should be working more on my free motion quilting, but when a template is this awesome, of course i'm gonna go for it!  here's some fun of our dads opening their quilts together at our grandma's house!
and now, drumroll please!
quilt number: 100
quilt pattern: dogs in sweaters by elizabeth hartman