Monday, July 22, 2013

cheers to a weekend that i actually did stuff

trying to not be a liar about blogging more.
trying really hard.

Monday, July 1, 2013

june - instagram lookback

well there goes my somewhat decent blogging steak.  june was a little crazy to say the least.  i picked up quite a few extra hours at the play center, plus had recital rehearsals here, there & everywhere.  was a total slacker at going to the gym as well...  hopefully july will be better?  fingers crossed.
- had to kick it off with what my calendar looked like on the first of june.  add in a dentist appointment, and that calendar pretty much stayed accurate to how much extra time i was heading out to folsom.  usually, i'm only there friday, saturday & monday night if that gives you a clue.  haha
- with recital time comes trying to figure out props & costumes.  last time we did one of the dances, we were at the old location we used and somehow assembled one of the mini backdrops a different way.  so bryan was enlisted to come up with some sort of sketch to figure out how to assemble it.  and once he drew it out, lots of arrows also got drawn.
- i finished a quilt, took pictures of it, but never blogged it.  or sewed anything else since that.  thanks crazy june... all i really wanted to do is sleep, if you couldn't tell.  hopefully that will be blogged in the next week or so.
- rehearsals.  massive "cups" circle practicing for the senior dance.  if you haven't seen pitch perfect... you should.
- father's day came and went.  i got that book for both bryan & my dad.  last year jenny got the "vader & son" version for hers, and when a fellow photographer posted this year's girly version i jumped on amazon that moment & bought two.  very cute little cartoony picture book.
- also on father's day was the long awaited fall out boy concert... something else i failed to blog about.  erika and i headed out to oakland for the show, and it was well worth the wait.  the opening act wasn't too bad (new politics) but when fall out boy hit the stage, all was right in the world again.  okay, maybe a little dramatic, but it was great to feel like they had never been gone for all those years.  fantastic mix of the old music along with their new album.  and i can't wait for more to come :)
- this year at recital, my class was gifted a new level of achievement within our dance studio.  all of us got labeled "dance elite super seniors" since there was really no higher level of dance like there is for gym team.  each star represents an achievement through kids r it (andrea got all 7).  here's to the first 21 years... and to however many more to come.
- last wednesday i didn't have to work either job or have my dance class, so when bryan threw out the idea of going with him to carson city, nevada for a work meeting i said okay.  well, the meeting was only supposed to be half an hour (ended up being three times that) but it was fun to just get away for awhile.  even if it meant 4ish hours in a car, nevada heat, and dealing with bryan.  okay, maybe the last part wasn't the worst ;)  we wandered through the peppermill, just because we couldn't come up with anything else to do in nevada while we were there  super exciting place for a couple who doesn't gamble.  the swimming pools looked pretty awesome though!
- oh car...  i thought we were friends.  it started to overheat wednesday when i got home from nevada, and then thursday morning i filled up everything engine fluid wise.  drove to work, and it started to over heat still.  got ALMOST home, and it died on me.  luckily, 4 burly men were driving by at that time and pushed me out of the road.  thermostat got replaced, and then when i drove it again on saturday, still overheating.  AAA to the rescue...  josh looked at it, and apparently a fan isn't turning, and there may be a crack in the radiator.  awesome.  looks like some car fixing/shopping is in my future sooner than i hoped.