Monday, September 2, 2013

august - instagram lookback

holy cow internet, didn't i JUST do the july post? and now august is over?? why has this year hit the gas pedal? i was totally enjoying my nice slow drive through the first half of the year. but now, it's full steam ahead to next year apparently.  but hey, there are some pretty cool things happening in 2014...  but come on.  let's let 2013 have its moment.
- at the start of the month, pre back to school post, i got my books.  i think that was the starting moment that this was all about to get real.  yeah, pretty crazy this whole process (mind you as of today, i'm only one week in to the semester) but i'm excited to see where it goes.  my professor was talking about how her original intention was to just teach preschool but then inched her way each time getting more and more education & ended up with a masters degree in early childhood education.  i guess we'll see whether i keep going, or if i'm content with teaching preschool.  haha.
- i got back in to sewing this month.  it's a project i can't exactly show off yet (still in the finishing process anyways) but i'm in love with how it turned out.  so for now, you'll just have to deal with this teaser post of the great beast who always seems to find his way in between the presser feet... no matter which machine you're trying to use, he always ends up in the way.
- second shot a wedding on the north shore of tahoe this month, and that means almost 2 hours each way to drive.  with my new car i am back to having a cassette player which helps free up my cigarette lighter outlets for my cell phone charger & the gps.  so i have now officially gone back to kicking it old school with this lovely contraption.  it works great, and i don't have to worry about radio station frequencies not working with the transmitters!
- mid month, erika & i headed out to folsom to see cassadee pope perform at toby keith's i love this bar and grill and it was fantastic!  i had forgotten about this show until one of my favorite people from my old job posted about it.  she sounds amazing live, and i seriously cannot wait to get her new album in october.  she was in the band hey monday, which erika and i saw back in 2009 at a fall out boy concert (of course) as well as won season 3 of the voice.  here's one of the videos from the night
- i was sticky note preached to.  found this on my car as i was leaving work one day.
- and here begins all the reno weekend photos.  jenny and i drove up late friday night for the wedding weekend at amy's house.  it was a fantastic little get away from the real world before we (amy & i) both started school on monday.  saturday morning, amy made pancakes for everyone - her parents were there the night before, sarah came up saturday morning & so did her friend rachel - and then brought us a little surprise.  we each got a bamboo plant with this little sign in it :)  i asked her what she would do if i said no, and she informed me she would cry... no tears were shed in front of these plants.  don't you worry!
- all the photos on my camera are amy in wedding dress related, so this will have to do for that portion of the day.  we headed out to alfred angelo and were welcomed in right away by the perfect consultant for amy.  her personality meshed GREAT and really helped amy out with figuring out where to start for wedding dresses.  we were there for 2ish hours, and after a lot of options the last dress was fantastic.  but we decided 1. we were hungry and 2. we should head on to our appointment at david's bridal as well.  ate lunch at red robin (yumm) and the headed to davids bridal.  which was a hot mess.  they were under staffed, and we started out looking at bridesmaid dresses... which were all rather blah.  we each tried on different styles and found things that were okay, but nothing that was awesome.  amy was supposed to get started at 2 for her dress appointment there, but it wasn't until 2:30 (and getting yelled at that we were in a "bride area") that we got started.  needless to say, none of us wanted amy to buy anything from this place.  and since the consultant we ended up with was tag teaming us & another bride that she was obviously more focused on, we stopped caring & amy just started to try on princess dresses.  once we left there, we headed back to alfred angelo to end the day on a good note.  even though we didn't have an appointment, the manager took us back in, got amy back in to the last dress and we knew it was the one.  the only thing we learned from david's bridal was putting a blue sash on it, so we tried that and it was meant to be.  and there was an amy farrah fowler tiara moment.  no joke.  the dress was perfect, it was purchased, and it came home with amy that day.
- whippets are the dog of amy's family.  her mom has two, and amy has rue.  of course, the was a lot of whippet action this weekend.  if i was ever to go crazy and change my mind about having a dog (not really likely) this might be one breed i would highly consider.
- lastly, before we left sunday, we went to the squeeze in that was located in sparks.  we got there at 12, but still opted for breakfast food.  i had this crazy huge sandwich thing (that was only half eaten) and it was delish.  you can write on the walls & leave messages and such.  jenny left our names on there forever, i think even with some hearts or something.  but the food was good, and the place was very true to it's name.  we didn't even get to experience the way back of the place since we were put at a table right in the front.  after a quick stop at UNR for amy's nursing posse & tour of the classrooms, we made our voyage home to gross hot california...  at least smokey nevada was a little bit cooler weather wise...