Monday, April 28, 2014

april goals - update 4

almost... there...
this week made me evaluate my plans for next month and working out.
5 days is a bit much.
but i'm really thinking about only cutting it down by 1 day to 4.
wednesdays are too brutal.  childcare for 4 hours, teaching for 2 hours, and now that it is recital time, nearly 2 hours of dance class, and then the gym afterwards.  ugh.  so wednesday would be the first day i would cut.
also considering cutting back on sugar intake next month.
soda.  candy.  nonsense.  all that jazz.
since easter, it's been like an assault on my mouth.
i drink dr. pepper and it literally hurts my tongue.
oh so delicious... but oh so uncomfortable.
so yeah.  we're looking at more pretty minor changes.  but baby steps, right?  i feel like at this point if i stopped going to the gym, i would feel super lazy.
forgot to discuss that yoga class with erika... so we'll see if that happens.  and i've considered a spin class, just to try it out.  a coworker of mine does them... but i'm afraid i'll die.
three more days until the goal is met... but i honestly may skip this wednesday and just roll over in to the first fews days of may to call it even.  and then i'll be done with this goal blogging nonsense.  well, at least this one.  the semester ends in about a month (yikes!) so hopefully it will be back to crafty, fun, adventure posts.  with maybe some fitness & reading mixed in.

Monday, April 21, 2014

april goals - update 3

we've officially hit the teens (14 to be exact) and i'm officially tired of blogging and instagramming, yet i know i need to at least keep up the instagrams to keep the motivation going.  these blog posts are just a recap with a side of hey girl.  eight more days to go, so i must trudge along.  that said, this one will be short and sweet as far as words go, with a dollop of attractive photos.
since i had spring break this week with no dance classes and no school to tend to, i worked every day in child care... every... day...  my first day was a week ago friday, clear through to last friday non-stop.  saturday i had off, and then i worked again yesterday.  hopefully made up for lost hours and then some.  anyways, since i was working anywhere within the range of starting at 8am to getting off at 4pm, i went to work out nightly.  everything was fine and dandy until friday hit.  THAT was the day my legs were finally sore from everything, plus i photographed aileen for her senior portraits that evening.  i was almost going to call it good, but then decided that i should at least go and walk on a treadmill for 30 minutes to call it even.  i had never been to the gym on a friday night and it was DEAD.  i was one of maybe 6 people in there, including the front desk dude.  so i shook things up and went to the cardio machines on the complete opposite side of the floor.  whoa there, call it crazy.  oh wait... speaking of crazy.  let us backtrack a day...
i should mention that on thursday i tried to "run"
it was horrible.  and i thought i was going to die.  well, i felt okay while actually running (sorta) but once i slowed back down, it became brutal...  for reference, i cranked the treadmill up to 6.0 mph from my normal 4-4.5 power walking while reading speed.  but if i ever decide to go through with my crazy potential idea to do a disneyland 13.1 whatever it is, i'll need to work on that running nonsense.
erika and i also talked about taking a yoga class together on monday nights.
we'll see if that happens next week, since i work late subbing today.
tomorrow might be a hard day to make it, unless i go after class... which i get out of class at 9:30... or 1:50...  my day is ALL OVER the place with group presentations and projects to turn in.  almost as crazy as today is with subbing the all ballet classes that i will never be fully prepared for... no clue why i volunteered to do it.  oh wait, i have a clue and it's called spring break make up.  i've done it before... i'll survive.  but i'll wish that i could switch to tap halfway through like i do with all my kidlet classes.  i can do this.... hooplah.

Monday, April 14, 2014

april goals - update 2

nine days in, and we're still standing. though, yet again i've been pulling the bare minimum on most days... but the whole "mid day workout" is a little weird still. i'm more a fan of the start of the day or end of the day. but alas, my school and work schedule says otherwise on most days. last week was tricky, that's for sure. bumps in the road all over the place. but i made it. yes i did.
monday was a night work out.  pretty much my typical time frame of lateness ever since i first got a gym membership years ago.  it just works for me.  it's empty.  no one in my zone, and i can do whatever i feel like.  boo yah.
tuesdays are showing me that morning work outs aren't too shabby.  getting out of bed is the hard part, but that's really it.  no makeup, no fancy clothes, nothing.  just roll out of bed, throw my hair in one way or another, get dressed, nutrigrain bar and out the door.  the gym is almost equally not crowded, and i feel like i can do whatever.
wednesday was a not a fan of day.  i got off work at 1, and then stayed and worked out.  i did this over the last week on friday and had no problem with it, but on wednesday it just felt weird.  perhaps it was the downtime between working out and then heading off to work that did it, compared to fridays when i just go from one to the next.
thursday didn't happen.  i had thought to go in the morning on thursdays, but this morning i did headshots for a law firm in roseville about the time i would be heading off to the gym.  and then i went to school, had no time inbetween, then headed off to work.  instead of my normal two hours, i subbed the third hour and then headed to erika's for a tupperware party which i was at until 10pm or later.  i had a clothing change in my car, but at that point i was tired, and no way i was going to make it to the gym to work out, then still have to shower when i got home.  and thus ends the april goals.
no, i wouldn't let things slide THAT easily.
friday was same ol' same ol'.  i took a sandwich with me to eat on my break so i wouldn't be starving... but i found that even after working out, i imagined myself being hungry midway through my hours of teaching that evening.  and i had a giant headache from listening to this song on repeat trying to choreograph more of a dance to it...  so i ended up driving through chickfila for a soda & some nuggets before heading down the freeway.  it was cheap and delicious, so this may just become my friday "hold me over" meal until i get off work.
saturday workout.  yeah.  it is as awful as it sounds.  i covered a shift from 9-2 and then stayed to work out afterwards.  i barely scraped the 30 minute mark, but it happened just so i could make up for thursday's loss.  the gym is crowded on saturday afternoons.  can't say i will intentionally do THAT again.
next week brings spring break.
no school, no dance classes, just child care.
which means i will physically be at the gym everyday from at least 9-1
i am doubtful that i will do afternoon work outs on all of those days, since i am partial to my evenings, and now that most of them will be free, i have nothing standing in my way of that.  not even portrait sessions, because those will be done before the sun goes down.
but here we go, on to days 10-15 and passing the halfway mark.
guess i gotta hunt up more ryan gosling memes while i'm at it.

Monday, April 7, 2014

april goals - update 1


here we are, updating after the first four week days of april. and so far still going strong.  all 4 week days have been checked off the april goal calendar for getting to the gym.
for the most part, everything has been the bare minimum of 30 minutes, but it's a good starting point.
some days were more brutal when convincing myself to get on it and go.  well, more like two days in particular.

tuesday was the first day of the shenanigans, and of course is the day i have a night class.  so my plan was to get up at 8, hit the gym for a bit, and then be good for the day.  well 8 happened.  and then the 8:30 alarm titled "it's april.  earn that shirt!" happened.  and the 9am happened.  yep.  an hour later than planned, i was rolling out of bed.  luckily, i didn't have to get all fancied up.  just threw on some leggings, my "marry me, buzz lightyear" tank top, and i was out the door.  it was nice to not have to spend my day dreading it, but instead knock out my work out and be on with my day.

wednesday was equally brutal, in a late night sort of way.  i worked child care from 9-1, ran across town for a meeting with my may bride, and then hit home to add on to my menu project.  two hours of teaching, followed by two hours of dance class caused me to get to the gym around 9:15.  yep.  i ate dinner at 10pm that night.  as you can see, this month is about the fitness part, not the eating healthy plan.  do i plan to have a wednesday like this again? HECK NO.

thursday was easy.  i didn't get up early to work out because i was expecting a phone call that didn't happen until later, so i just hit the gym after i got off from work at 5:30.  piece of cake.

friday was a tricky schedule, but it worked quite well.  i worked child care again from 9-1, and then changed in the locker room and hit the treadmill for 30 minutes.  showered off, washed my face, and then got ready to head off to natomas for work right on time.  of course, that also included wendy's for lunch... but that's because i didn't plan accordingly.

i feel like next week will follow pretty close to this, with my wednesday work out happening about 3 hours earlier... thank goodness.  not sure how i'll work spring break.  i work every day from 9-2 since i picked up some shifts, and i don't teach all that week, so we'll have to see about that.  it will happen.  i'm sure of it.
here's the official photo proof.  yes, some are taken at a stand still... because that third picture is clear proof of how hard it is to instagram in motion.
and you can count on a whole lot more "hey girl" pictures along side these kinds of posts.
because ryan gosling is the man.