Monday, April 28, 2014

april goals - update 4

almost... there...
this week made me evaluate my plans for next month and working out.
5 days is a bit much.
but i'm really thinking about only cutting it down by 1 day to 4.
wednesdays are too brutal.  childcare for 4 hours, teaching for 2 hours, and now that it is recital time, nearly 2 hours of dance class, and then the gym afterwards.  ugh.  so wednesday would be the first day i would cut.
also considering cutting back on sugar intake next month.
soda.  candy.  nonsense.  all that jazz.
since easter, it's been like an assault on my mouth.
i drink dr. pepper and it literally hurts my tongue.
oh so delicious... but oh so uncomfortable.
so yeah.  we're looking at more pretty minor changes.  but baby steps, right?  i feel like at this point if i stopped going to the gym, i would feel super lazy.
forgot to discuss that yoga class with erika... so we'll see if that happens.  and i've considered a spin class, just to try it out.  a coworker of mine does them... but i'm afraid i'll die.
three more days until the goal is met... but i honestly may skip this wednesday and just roll over in to the first fews days of may to call it even.  and then i'll be done with this goal blogging nonsense.  well, at least this one.  the semester ends in about a month (yikes!) so hopefully it will be back to crafty, fun, adventure posts.  with maybe some fitness & reading mixed in.

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