Monday, April 14, 2014

april goals - update 2

nine days in, and we're still standing. though, yet again i've been pulling the bare minimum on most days... but the whole "mid day workout" is a little weird still. i'm more a fan of the start of the day or end of the day. but alas, my school and work schedule says otherwise on most days. last week was tricky, that's for sure. bumps in the road all over the place. but i made it. yes i did.
monday was a night work out.  pretty much my typical time frame of lateness ever since i first got a gym membership years ago.  it just works for me.  it's empty.  no one in my zone, and i can do whatever i feel like.  boo yah.
tuesdays are showing me that morning work outs aren't too shabby.  getting out of bed is the hard part, but that's really it.  no makeup, no fancy clothes, nothing.  just roll out of bed, throw my hair in one way or another, get dressed, nutrigrain bar and out the door.  the gym is almost equally not crowded, and i feel like i can do whatever.
wednesday was a not a fan of day.  i got off work at 1, and then stayed and worked out.  i did this over the last week on friday and had no problem with it, but on wednesday it just felt weird.  perhaps it was the downtime between working out and then heading off to work that did it, compared to fridays when i just go from one to the next.
thursday didn't happen.  i had thought to go in the morning on thursdays, but this morning i did headshots for a law firm in roseville about the time i would be heading off to the gym.  and then i went to school, had no time inbetween, then headed off to work.  instead of my normal two hours, i subbed the third hour and then headed to erika's for a tupperware party which i was at until 10pm or later.  i had a clothing change in my car, but at that point i was tired, and no way i was going to make it to the gym to work out, then still have to shower when i got home.  and thus ends the april goals.
no, i wouldn't let things slide THAT easily.
friday was same ol' same ol'.  i took a sandwich with me to eat on my break so i wouldn't be starving... but i found that even after working out, i imagined myself being hungry midway through my hours of teaching that evening.  and i had a giant headache from listening to this song on repeat trying to choreograph more of a dance to it...  so i ended up driving through chickfila for a soda & some nuggets before heading down the freeway.  it was cheap and delicious, so this may just become my friday "hold me over" meal until i get off work.
saturday workout.  yeah.  it is as awful as it sounds.  i covered a shift from 9-2 and then stayed to work out afterwards.  i barely scraped the 30 minute mark, but it happened just so i could make up for thursday's loss.  the gym is crowded on saturday afternoons.  can't say i will intentionally do THAT again.
next week brings spring break.
no school, no dance classes, just child care.
which means i will physically be at the gym everyday from at least 9-1
i am doubtful that i will do afternoon work outs on all of those days, since i am partial to my evenings, and now that most of them will be free, i have nothing standing in my way of that.  not even portrait sessions, because those will be done before the sun goes down.
but here we go, on to days 10-15 and passing the halfway mark.
guess i gotta hunt up more ryan gosling memes while i'm at it.

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