Monday, April 21, 2014

april goals - update 3

we've officially hit the teens (14 to be exact) and i'm officially tired of blogging and instagramming, yet i know i need to at least keep up the instagrams to keep the motivation going.  these blog posts are just a recap with a side of hey girl.  eight more days to go, so i must trudge along.  that said, this one will be short and sweet as far as words go, with a dollop of attractive photos.
since i had spring break this week with no dance classes and no school to tend to, i worked every day in child care... every... day...  my first day was a week ago friday, clear through to last friday non-stop.  saturday i had off, and then i worked again yesterday.  hopefully made up for lost hours and then some.  anyways, since i was working anywhere within the range of starting at 8am to getting off at 4pm, i went to work out nightly.  everything was fine and dandy until friday hit.  THAT was the day my legs were finally sore from everything, plus i photographed aileen for her senior portraits that evening.  i was almost going to call it good, but then decided that i should at least go and walk on a treadmill for 30 minutes to call it even.  i had never been to the gym on a friday night and it was DEAD.  i was one of maybe 6 people in there, including the front desk dude.  so i shook things up and went to the cardio machines on the complete opposite side of the floor.  whoa there, call it crazy.  oh wait... speaking of crazy.  let us backtrack a day...
i should mention that on thursday i tried to "run"
it was horrible.  and i thought i was going to die.  well, i felt okay while actually running (sorta) but once i slowed back down, it became brutal...  for reference, i cranked the treadmill up to 6.0 mph from my normal 4-4.5 power walking while reading speed.  but if i ever decide to go through with my crazy potential idea to do a disneyland 13.1 whatever it is, i'll need to work on that running nonsense.
erika and i also talked about taking a yoga class together on monday nights.
we'll see if that happens next week, since i work late subbing today.
tomorrow might be a hard day to make it, unless i go after class... which i get out of class at 9:30... or 1:50...  my day is ALL OVER the place with group presentations and projects to turn in.  almost as crazy as today is with subbing the all ballet classes that i will never be fully prepared for... no clue why i volunteered to do it.  oh wait, i have a clue and it's called spring break make up.  i've done it before... i'll survive.  but i'll wish that i could switch to tap halfway through like i do with all my kidlet classes.  i can do this.... hooplah.

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