Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 look back

ack!  i saw lisa post her yearly review, and realized 2 things.
1.  i didn't blog as much as i had anticipated i would
2.  today is the LAST day of 2015!
well, here's a summary in look back of some projects and events that happened throughout the year.
i said i was going to participate in the "sew your stash" following.
but didn't.
BUT it wasn't totally wasted, because i went from fabric in tubs, to fabric stored like this:
it is SO nice to be able to see everything!
i jumped in as a swap angel on craftster and made some beauty and the beast pillow covers.
this was my first fandom in stitches pattern, and as you'll later see, i'm hooked.
went to colorado again to hang with lisa and her peeps.
visited the lovely quilt cabin and hung out over spring break before heading back to the real world of work again.
i sent off my first instagram swap mini quilt (it was cat themed, of course - kitten mqs)
also cat related, i made a middle school friend of mine a baby quilt for her little one.  i love elizabeth hartman's cats... that's for sure  (daffodils and kitty cats)
aileen finally got her nerdy ruffle apron
but more importantly...
my pudge cat quilt was finished!
see?  i love those cats...
and i suppose this one...
this is apparently the month of actual events i didn't post about.
we had our first family reunion in 10 years, and while we were missing a few cousins and an aunt, we still managed to party pretty hard.  for us being 14+ cousins that are rather spread apart, we get along quite well when we're all back together.  we got pedicures and jamba juice at one point to just chill.
we also had our 30th anniversary dance recital this year,
which was a LOT of work and chaos.
but i got to dance with a handful of my old classmates again as well as some of the "big kids" that were there when i was growing up.  i also got to perform "make someone happy" with my students and my favorite andrew. :)
apparently nothing worth blogging.
or remembering...
erika and i saw fall out boy again.
never gets old <3
also posted two music quilts for donner mine this year
left: daisy chain
right: musical triangles 2
i made this turtle quilt for my aunt to give to one of her coworkers.
and then, we threw amy a surprise baby shower!
thanks to lisa, i found a car seat canopy tutorial, which turned out wonderfully
and then, the main project was finally revealed.
probably my favorite outcome of 2015 was this quilt, which took hours upon hours in construction
but SO worth it.
this lion king baby quilt was perfect for the lion king lover that amy is, and her enthusiasm for it was well worth it :)  fandom in stitches totally rocks.
this was the last that i blogged anything, which was those lion king projects.
so i'll just skip to november.
oh wait!  this was the month melissa got engaged and asked me to be in her bridal party next year.  so that's something :)
i had a birthday.  whoot.
i also took a painfully long road trip to idaho and froze my butt off doing this.

yep. aileen got engaged this past september, so my mom and i trekked out to idaho over thanksgiving break to go dress shopping with her out there as well as take their engagement photos.  we got really lucky with a fresh coating of snow the morning of, and  even though we froze, they were worth it.  (no, you didn't miss out on a blog post.  they were posted on my website here: freeze frame - aileen & ben)
it totally zoomed by, that's for sure!
i made about 20 pillowcases this year for various gifts, and all that good stuff.
baby leonidas was born on december 19th - just one day after his due date!
2 quilts were given at christmas, with a third one finished as we drove to disneyland on the 27th.
i'll do a full disneyland post soon - but here's a little disney goodness in the meantime :)

it may have not been a post filled year like the last one, but i'd have to say some of the things done were pretty monumental.  and with 2 weddings that i'm in next year, it is safe to say some crafting will absolutely be going down for bridal showers & wedding gifts!  hope your 2015 was fabulous, and i'll have more posts to come soon :)