Wednesday, October 7, 2015

lion king car seat canopy

when it became apparently that the baby shower was happening, i really had to crack down on getting gifts for baby barto done!  i went from having a november/december finish time to september, just like that!  one thing i wanted to make for amy was a car seat canopy.  i recalled my cousin lisa making one for baby mark, so first i headed her way.  and when i say headed, i mean texted.  she sent me the link she used on pinterest, and from there i began my planning.  of course it had to be lion king, so i used my ebay skills to find something that could be gender neutral enough to be used for future babies as well.  once i found my front fabric, i got a solid green minky fabric from joanns to be used on the back.    i let everything sit around for awhile (literally until the week before the shower) and then finally put it together.  it seriously went together in a matter of hours one night.  the hardest thing was dealing with the stretchy-ness of the minky, but it is not as bad as i thought it would be!
when asking lisa questions about this project, i learned she had just left hers as a car seat blanket. i was a little nervous about strap placement when sewing them down, but being able to see it on an actual car seat made me so glad i went full out canopy for it.
and there's the green!
much thanks to leah for letting me borrow baby elise's car seat at the baby shower!  the pictures of it on my porch look really dumb.  ha!  amy was very excited to have it as well, and even stated that she was in fact looking for a canopy, but couldn't find one that she liked.  now she has a one of a kind one all to her very own.  hoorah!  i also got word not long ago that it also fits the car seat that they have as well :)
for anyone that would like the pattern themselves, here you go! i followed it exactly, including the measurements of strap placement.  i didn't create a pattern to round the corners though.  i traced a cereal bowl.  so much easier :)

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