Thursday, October 19, 2017

twin dogs in sweaters quilt

way back when i was in colorado for spring break, lisa and i took over 52quilters on instagram.  we planned to do something awesome for our dads, who happened to be twins.  now that this quilt has been delivered (since june, actually) you can watch the whole video of us being chatty cousins here and talking a bit about this project:
now that you've gotten caught up on us and the planning process, you can return here!
well, if you didn't i'll zoom through the highlights.
lisa & i have twin dads that even though we are very much cat people have a love for weenie dogs.  lisa's dad wrote a book about a wiener dog man, while my dad has a wiener dog puppet he uses for performances (such as our local cowboy poetry).  we spent my spring break together shopping for our fabric as well as completing the quilt tops before i headed back home.  also, dr. pepper is delicious.  our dads received their quilts at the end of june, which is their birthday month.
for my dogs (dogs in sweaters pattern by elizabeth hartman, btw) i chose yellow sweaters to "match" my dad's blankie from years gone by.  the background on the front is a moda grunge to tie in lisa's dad's "blue" color (the color is called peacock) which helps the yellow and brown pop out as well!  we both used the same fabric for the back of the quilt.  ideally, we wanted a blue and yellow plaid, but holly's quilt cabin didn't have enough yardage for both of us, so we got a blue one!  i used yellow as my bobbin thread when quilting to bring the yellow in like i had wanted.  now, on to the quilt!
the pantograph used for quilting is called "bauhaus" by urban elementz and i just love it!  sure, i should be working more on my free motion quilting, but when a template is this awesome, of course i'm gonna go for it!  here's some fun of our dads opening their quilts together at our grandma's house!
and now, drumroll please!
quilt number: 100
quilt pattern: dogs in sweaters by elizabeth hartman

Monday, October 16, 2017

the big question of how many

when i was in alaska this past june, my friend's husband asked me quite a major questions.
he asked me how many quilts i have made so far.
i asked, "this year?" and started to count on my fingers to which he responded that he meant in total.
i paused... because i hadn't really ever thought that far back and to count them all.
so now that i've been presented with that question, i feel like there needs to be an official answer.  at least to the best of my ability.
so after attempting to scour my previous blogs, craftster, this blog, and my brain... here's the running list.  a good chunk of these i had forgotten about!
(i apologize for not being able to link everything here for you, but i was able to scrounge a few up from my pre-blogging days, and photos are kind of thrown in here to make it pretty)

the quilt list
first quilt
27 shriner's hospital quilts (high school senior project)
3 t-shirt quilts for me
uncle barry's t-shirt quilt
cousin ben's t-shirt quilt
ex-boyfriend's star wars quilt
sister's t-shirt quilt
nemo quilt (for a swap on craftster)
desi's dinosaur rail fence quilt
best friend's graduation photo quilt (this one was a piece of work for sure!)
classic winnie the pooh quilt
black, white & pink squares quilt
pirate mouse rail fence quilt
snow white child's play quilt
cousin jacob's t-shirt quilt
music quilt (for del oro)
peacock colored daisy chain quilt
green & orange fat cats quilt
eeyore hexagon & triangles quilt
orange chevron wedding quilt
butterfly railfence quilt
green & brown pair of logs wedding quilt
joshua's t-shirt quilt
catvent quilt along
safari animal "circus in town" quilt
forest friends baby quilt
between friends junior elephant quilt
giraffe gatsby quilt
baby dinosaurs quilt (on the right)
map quilt
coloradifornia cameras quilt
hexing around quilt (sewvivor)
fun with flags quilt (sewvivor)
petite trellis superhero cats quilt
classic winnie the pooh daisy chain quilt
mod chevron baby quilt
the modern baby pink & yellow quilt
pink & purple parallelograms
daffodils and kittens quilt
pudgecatvent quilt
baby girl turtle quilt
lion king paper pieced quilt
mickey inspired triangle quilt
nerdy science ribbon star quilt
dragons & knights on the nine patch quilt
baby b's baseball themed quilt
blue & gold queen sized argyle quilt
goodnight, quilt - winnie the pooh baby quilt
baby a's charm (and 10!) squares quilt
andrew's disney i-spy quilt
fandom filled amy butler daisy chain quilt
stripes & triangles elephant quilt
giraffe abstractions quilt
bronco diamonds baby quilt
star wars strip quilt
feelin' blue fancy foxes quilt
tiger lily swoon 16 baby quilt
garden snails quilt 1
blue & gray baby elephant quilt
pink, gray & white stripe quilt
old fashioned cars pow wow quilt
10 dmmc raffle quilts (currently)
which totals to 99 finished quilts!

i feel like there is a lot of pressure for whatever is the next quilt posted, because it will be quilt number 100!
if you follow me on instagram, you've probably already seen numbers 100 & 101 at this point ;)

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

old fashioned cars pow wow quilt

i'll admit, i've been blog slacking a bit, but sadly my list of things i HAVE to do has been overpowering my list of fun things i want to do.  finally, here's another one of my little quilts i made back in june!
my coworker brianna announced she was expecting a baby boy, and when i found that out, i knew the perfect backing fabric i wanted to use.  i didn't find it when i was in colorado over spring break (yeah, that is how long it has been) so when i got home i ran off to a local quilt shop and swooped up some yardage.
her boyfriend works on cars, and in particular has some fabulous looking old fashioned cars.  i'm certain there is a more technical name for it, but it is all foreign to me.  this alexander henry car fabric was perfect, and once that was set, i pulled some colors from the cars to create the colors from the front.
i love a gray background (obviously) but it felt very weird using black in a baby quilt.  i had to keep reminding myself the car tires on the back pulled it in.  plus, using the same for the binding really helped frame it off, tying the front in to the back.
i stitched in the ditch for the quilting in order to not get too overwhelming with the pattern, and i think that helped with the backing also being it's own feature part of the quilt.  plus, it is a darker background so no reason to fear it getting dirty forever outside on the ground!
i'm so excited for brianna and her little one who is now two months old!
i know he has a great big sister as well :)
pattern: pow wow by cluck cluck sew

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

pink gray and white stripe quilt

quick projects are always great for my brain, especially after a whole lot of black and gold for this year's music quilt projects.  and this little hot pink quilt was quite the shake up!
another one requested by my aunt, with no specific theme in mind except for the colors pink and gray.  after a bit of thinking, i thought a strip quilt similar to the a's baseball quilt i made for a friend last year would be perfect!
i headed off to joann fabrics one afternoon and wandered to see what fabrics jumped out at me in varying shades of pink and gray prints.  i kept pink as the focus with a few hints of gray as well as a few white prints to balance things out.  i ended up only using one of the white fabrics, as i felt it tied in quite well to the backing fabric.
i used a pink polka dot for the binding which helped blend the front in to the back.
originally, i found a fabric that was much more pink all over and very flowery for the backing fabric.  when i turned the corner around another aisle and saw this fabric i knew it was perfect.  little hints of gray and pink all over... love it!
i did a simple quilting, 4 inches apart on the diagonal to create the diamond cross hatch.  i had thought about stitching in the ditch, but in the end decided that this one needed a little extra quilting to go with the straight lines of the fabric.
one quick little project all done and off to it's new owners.
i feel like now that this pink quilt is done, i'm ready and able to embrace the super bright colors again.  which is being welcomed with open arms!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

blue and gray baby elephant quilt

this little quilt came as a request from my aunt for a baby shower with the theme being blue, gray & elephants.  i looked through the patterns i inherited from my grandma, and this stuck out as a quick little one that would fit just what i was looking for.  the morning, noon, and night quilt by atkinson designs has a scrappy layout to it that was just perfect for mixing the colors around.
this quilt was on the bigger end for a baby quilt, but the simple blocks in the layout showcase the colors and prints on the blocks.  initially, i had planned for the elephants to just be on the back, but when some of my fat quarters ran small, i decided to add them in to the front of the quilt as well.
the binding i chose was this fun little plus fabric with varying shades of blue to match with the different fabrics on the front.
the back of the quilt had to have some alterations made to it - in hindsite, i imagine the pattern called for the seaming of the two pieces sewn together for the backing to create a horizontal seam across the back.  since my elephants were a vertical print, i had to add some from the backing and luckily i had some yardage from previous projects that tied in to this just perfectly.  one of them even being a gray version of the blue used for the binding!
if i was to do this quilt again, i think i would have been a bit more daring with the quilting.  i absolutely played it safe doing straight lines, but i would maybe try some of the free motion quilting i learned in some of my classes.
overall, a pretty cute little quilt that i feel fit the request perfectly!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

musical themed himalayan pink quilt

i bought this pattern back in october when i showed up in colorado to hang out with lisa for a few days and was anxiously awaiting the time to use it.  when i saw what my collection of music fabric was looking like, i decided that i needed to clear out everything i currently had so that i could start fresh for what will come next year.  i sorted things through in to various piles and then came up with this!
unlike previous triangle quilts i have done, this one was a lot more scrappy and that worked perfect for the fabric supply that i had on hand.  also, instead of the triangles pointing upwards, these ones lay sideways which added another fun element to the quilt.
more black, white, gold and cream fabrics as usual, but it was nice to see the supply of these fabrics reaching an end!  some of these have been hanging around since the very start of the music themed quilts for the raffle.  now that they are dwindling down, it was fun to put them together in a sort of collage quilt.
the backing and binding were a leaf print that i found, which seemed very appropriate for a music camp out in the woods.  i kept the quilting simple, following the lines of the triangles to put a frame on the "blocks" in a sense.
time for a photobombing cat break!
as usual, there are those treble clefs! it should just be an i-spy game for them to appear at this point.
i think my favorite ones are the super scrappy triangles like these in this bottom corner.
it was so much fun to see this music fabric "sampler" come together and be complete for this year's music camps.  since this was a first time quilt, that means it will very likely get repeated for next year, and i've already started shopping for fabric in a completely different color scheme!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

musical charm (and 10!) squares quilt - version 2.0

it's that time of year again!
i was actually pretty ahead of the game this year making these quilts.  blogging everything seemed to end up a different story... like, i have 4 quilts photographed to blog, 2 more to follow after that.  oops!
anyways, another year with donner mine music camp means another year of music quilts!  since they flipped the weeks this year, high school week happened first so this pattern was the repeat from last year week one.
i love the opportunity to repeat patterns on occasion, because it allows me to recreate them in a completely different way.  this quilt was originally done in all black and white prints.  not a single shade in between.  this year, it was done with some of my left over prints that were in the more ivory, gold and black range.  same pattern, same music theme, different result!
not only did i use different fabrics, but i also was able to quilt it using the long arm at meissner.  i quilted this one and another one in the same day and originally had a different plan for it.  when the woman working in the long arm center that day suggested this pantograph that looked like treble clefs, i knew i had to give it a go.  and you know what?  the curves were not as scary as i had expected!
the binding was a solid black, same as the majority of the backing fabric. i didn't calculate correctly for the extra 8" for longarming and had to piece a chunk in to the backing to make it wide enough. it sure helped get rid of some of my left over pieces!
now that this quilt has been done twice, it is now "retired" from being used for donation quilts. well, at least until i run out of ideas i'm sure!
one thing that is clear is that black on black treble clef print is a LIFESAVER. if joann fabrics ever stops carrying it, i don't know what i'll do!  okay, i'll probably survive... but this has just been so perfect to tie in to the music quilts.
i just gotta end this post with one more up close of that swirly quilting.
love it!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

garden snails quilt - bubbles & batiks

if you've been following along on instagram, you'll have seen the slow-along sew-along hosted by angie at gnome angel!  the pattern being used is garden snails quilt by pen and paper patterns.  initially, i didn't think i would participate, because i had NO clue what i would do with a snail quilt by the time it completed.  after fear of missing out set in, i devised a plan that would not only let me join in the fun, but also put the end result to a good cause.  well, here is phase one of it all!
i decided that instead of making one big quilt at the end of the sew-along, i would make three of the crib size quilts instead.  each crib quilt takes 16 of these little snails, which will put me at two and a almost a half by the time the sew along is over.  so yes, there will be about 6 snails that won't be included in the sew-along, but i am okay with that!
stashbusting is still going strong, as you can see yet another use of batik scraps that came from my grandma.  though, the stashbusting is in smaller pieces and still have to buy the fabric for the background.  not sure how much of a win that counts as, but at least the batiks are making their rounds!
i've also been using these as a practice for my long arm quilting.  i quilted this one when i did the olaf panel as well as the blue fancy foxes.  i love how this motif (african samba) turned out looking like snail trails.
instead of keeping these quilts, i've been donating them to my parent's church's humanitarian aide efforts.  they've been collecting quilts and tops for awhile now, and when i did my last attempt to stash bust by making tops i sent some their way as well.  now with having taken long arm certification and a few free motion classes for my janome at home, i feel like there will be more experimenting and dipping my toes in to try new things.
here's a few of my favorites in this posse of snails.
the prints are so bold and different, and i just love how they blend together.
plus, the quilting looks so different on each one!
here's a peek at the edge with the binding.  i used the same fabric on the front and back as well as the binding.  i got it on the clearance table at beverly's and thought it looked like splotches left from snails as well.  i tend to use more subtle prints that blend as a background (or gray...) so these big circles were a little out there but so much fun!
it feels great to be 1/3 of the way done with the garden snails quilt journey and have the finished quilt to show for it.  i've already begun phase 2, which has some of the same elements, but a few fun changes as well.  be sure to follow along on instagram!