Friday, January 27, 2017

bronco diamonds baby quilt

first quilt post of 2017!
(not exactly my first start to finish project of the year though, since i was quilting and binding on new year's eve and then sewed all the binding on the next day)
with lisa's baby boy number three nearing his due date, i had to kick it in to gear to figure out what to make for the little fella.  since the broncos are kind of a big deal in that house i wanted to come up with something inspired by the team colors but not in your face football.  i looked through some of our texts of pictures sent back and forth and remembered one from when i made the charm and 10 quilt for baby a.  there was another one i had considered for it, and i remember commenting about that pattern herself.
the entire thing was made up from half square triangle blocks, which made it look more complex but still went together like a breeze.  i found the blues all by the yard, but ZERO bolts of orange fabrics were making me happy.  i then stumbled by the fat quarter packs that joann's has, and found a great pack of oranges with some metallic to them.  they became the perfect balance to the blue prints and i was nearly ready to go.  i had the pieces to the front, but nothing at all for the back.
i scoped out the flannel section one day, and found this super cute fabric of woodland animals that was just the right color scheme for this quilt.  i pretty much love flannel backing on quilts for kiddos (and myself... lets be real) so this was such a great find for it.
one more tag goes to use, and now i'm down to two!
but really.  aren't those little forest friends adorable??
i originally bought blue thread to quilt on the white, but it was WAY off color wise. i pulled out the thread left over from erika & matt's wedding quilt, and it was a perfect balance of all the shades in the orange fabrics. i kept the bobbin thread white to keep from adding any color chaos on the back. super happy with it!
and there you have it!
it is always fun to make baby quilts for people, but especially fun for someone you know AND has been in your life since the day you were born.  though on completeing this quilt, i realize i've made one for each of lisa's boys, but lorelai got the short end of the stick by being born before my quilting game really started.  maybe if she's nice to me, i'll consider doing something for her 10th birthday next year.  maybe i'll even invite her to have some junior quilter input ;)
welcome to the world, baby jace!  can't wait to meet the little nugget in hopefully a few months.
yep, you guessed it... the idea of a colorado visit is calling my name for spring break again.

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  1. The quilt is perfection! It's been in his bed since the day it arrived.