Wednesday, January 11, 2017

the disney sweater blocks

i can't believe i never mentioned this project on here at all, but i suppose it being something i started on a whim and powered through might be part of the reasoning.
this was a lisa provoked sew along, found on instagram hosted by kerry golder (kidgiddy) as an "ugly christmas sweater" sew along.  well, i don't have a lot of christmas fabric that i can think of, nor did i want to rush out and buy some.  after thinking on it for a bit, i decided to get a little 90s nostalgic with my sweaters and use my disney fabric stash remaining from andrew's disney i-spy quilt1!  in each instagram post, i tried to pair the sweaters with a photo or trinket that correlated with that character or movie.  you'll notice some were easier than others to find things for, but still fun all the same!  in total, i made 81 sweaters (don't worry, i have a layout for that many) and will begin piecing that together in the coming few months.  there really is no rush because 1. it is for me and 2. i want to feel super solid on the long arm, because i have a great pantograph picked out for it to use :)
okay, so i MAY have bought some more fabric than just what was in my stash... oops ;)
the stitch one is one of my favorites, and even made it in to my 2016 best 9 on instagram!
i didn't even remember i had that photo with the genie (hello, 90s!) but am SO glad that i found it to really be able to include a tiny smidge of robin williams within this quilt. little mermaid, aladdin, and toy story all being able to show in this project definitely helps be able to capture all my different favorites at different ages in this set of blocks.
i started in a few weeks late, which left me jamming to finish these during the time period of the sew along.  though, once the end was near, i had to force myself to stop because i am certain i could still be finding more fabric and still be making more disney sweaters today.  ack!
this was such a fun little paper piecing pattern, and such a fun group of sewists to interact with.  i can't wait to see everyone's final projects once they get done.
to see all my sweaters on instagram, plus a few group photos that didn't get included here, check the hashtag #disneysweaterblocks
to purchase the pattern yourself and have some fun, head on over to kidgiddy's etsy shop!

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