Monday, January 9, 2017

the 2017 kick off

here we are at a week in to 2017, and i feel like so much has already happened!
last year's craftiness came in waves, which i have noticed to generally happen when i go from major project to major project.  last year i had 2 wedding quilts to do, which led me to looking at the same fabric for a LONG time.  this year, i'm hoping to make the waves of on and off with a few different things.  one major one is education.
but emily, i thought you already graduated... again!
yeah, i'm not talking about going back to school again, i'm talking about sewing education!
lisa went to sew pro last year, and while i'm not in a place that going to a big shindig like that is realstic, i am talking more local education.  i've actually already kicked this off a little bit by talking two classes so far at meissner sewing, and currently have one more scheduled.  what have i taken?  well, some pretty exciting ones!
two days ago, on the start of this crazy rainy week ahead of us, i took an intro to free motion quilting class.  our instructor, jenny lyon showed us some of her work, and did a phenomenal job demonstrating each motif as well as checking on each of us and giving us individualized advice and attention.  we did loops, bubbles, stipple, double drip and grid.  i've already signed up for the next class to build on these skills next month as well!  jenny also challenged us to a 21 day free motion challenge, which i am going to spend this next week prepping to do.  i really want my free motion skills to build on my machine so that once i get to the long arm machine, i'll feel more solid.
wait, did i say long arm machine?  you bet i did!
back in july or august, i cruised the meissners website and saw there was a long arm certification class that landed over my winter break.  the classes were generally scheduled on tuesdays (when i teach preschool) and fridays (when i teach dance classes) so i was never lucky enough to take one of these classes.  FINALLY, it happened, and i snatched it up and called it a happy birthday/christmas present to me.  i made sure i wasn't scheduled at winter break camp that day and headed out to meissners for 5 hours of long arm goodness.  now that i've taken the class, i am certified to rent the long arm machines to do my own quilts!  angelina mckenna was a fantastic teacher, and i am hoping more of her long arm classes line up with my schedule.  due to the floor model sale, i can't get in just yet to rent and practice, so in the meantime i'll be working on my stashbusting to make quilt tops to practice on when i get my time.
i attempted to sew my stash in 2015, and did alright, but this year i really want to get it done right.  since there are currently plans to move in to an apartment this year (fingers crossed), the less fabric i have to try and take with me.  the less i have to take with me, the more i can buy later, right??  i started working on my first stashbust on new years eve, by using some scraps that my grandma gave me to make one of elizabeth hartman's fancy fox quilts.  i decided yesterday, after much late night hemming and hawing with lisa, i will be joining the snail paced slow along sew along hosted by gnome angel.  instead of making one twin sized quilt with my 42 snails, i'll be making 2-3 crib sized quilts throughout the next 42 weeks.  at the end of all my practicing, i am hoping to feel confident enough to long arm quilt my disney sweater block quilt i pieced all the blocks to during the end of last year.
my last point is to get involved and build quilty connections.
at the free motion quilting class, a few of the ladies asked if i knew anyone my age that quilts.
i kind of responded with a well, not really.  clearly, there is my cousin.  and a few that i've come to somewhat know through instagram.  but i really don't have any connections locally.  angelina is a member of the sacramento branch of the modern quilt guild, and mentioned it to me when i was last in meissners,  she had a few of her guild friends in the long arm section with her and introduced me.  the next meeting is this upcoming saturday, so if life plays it right, i my be checking that out.  i'm also currently scheduled to be involved in a blog hop next month with jen of faith and fabric design, so stay tuned for that!
recapping things to come
education, and lots of it!
stashbust tops (3-4 currently planned out)
long arm quilting practice
21 day free motion challenge
disney sweater block quilt (recap post, and then final reveal. eventually...)
blog hop(s)
and more, that i don't even know about!

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  1. Man, I am super excited for this year of sewing! I think we've got some fun stuff planned and I'm totally looking forward to hearing more about your classesđź’•