Wednesday, January 21, 2015

sew your stash 2015 - at the starting line

there has been a fantastic idea of a hashtag floating around instagram as well as the "support group" that i'm in that is really going to help me get the ball rolling.  last year, my fabric stash project was all about organization, primarily to see what the heck i even had enough to use of to make anything.  well, given i never blogged that process like i said/thought i would, here's a peek at it.  my fabric storage went from this:
to this:
it's quite the sight when the before and after are right by each other.  given the space that i have in my room (or lack thereof) i moved what used to store my t-shirts & dvds in it across my room and in to my closet.  the fabric went from being in tubs to rolled on comic book boards and made everything SO much easier to see what i had.  the top two rows are all cotton prints, the gray bins hold smaller pieces that couldn't quite roll on to a board, and the bottom shelf is primarily flannel,  now that i can better see my stash, i have a better idea of how i want to turn it in to finished projects.
as of right now, i only have three projects envisioned thus far for my fabric stash.  the first one involving all my buzz lightyear/toy story fabric prints.  i think when i counted, there were 13 different fabrics that i have collected over the years, and since i made the triangle music quilt last summer, i am 99.9% certain that is what i'm going to do with all these prints.  the second project has been in the making since at least 2011, if not before... those dang squares i have been cutting year after year have finally come to a pause.  i made it through everything my mom destashed and cut my squares from it, and then caught up on fabric from various recent projects of mine.  when i say recent, i mean as far back as sewvivor stuff... oops.
the third one i had to think about, because i simply did not put the fabric in my cabinet.  instead, it is in my desk drawer.  when i bought my new bed last july, i knew i would need a bigger quilt to go on it.  i found a collection of moda fabric i loved, and a paper pieced pattern to make it in.  i really need to get on making that at some point as well...  i don't know how much longer i can take having a twin sized quilt (or three) on my queen sized bed.
i know i have an entire collection of fabric i bought back in 2009 or so that is awaiting a baby girl to be born at some point...  but as of right now it seems like the pregnancy/wedding bug has not struck any of my friends just yet.  i will gladly be sharing the process of this "sew your stash" process, especially if it means i have some finished projects in the end :)


  1. I am not participating in this #sewyourstash2015 I'm in a #buildyourstash mode right now :)

  2. i think it is safe to say i have a little bit of both going on right now.
    except joann's has been a big fat let down lately.

  3. Your fabrics look lovely all neatly arranged. I do think it's easier to sew your stash when you can see it easily and don't forget what's there. I think we can all get carried away buying what everyone else is buying, so sometimes it is good to have a period of just sewing what we already own. That's what I'm trying to achieve in 2015.

  4. Great job organizing your stash. I find that being able to see it all helps me more easily use my stash. Your Toy Story fabric collection sounds fun.