Friday, January 2, 2015

365.2014 - week 52

i suppose i can't just leave this post without anything said, given that it is the FINAL post for my 365 project of 2014.  throughout the entire project, i think i only missed two days, which is quite impressive.  i'm super glad i chose the instagram route for this, because it made it SO much more accessible, sharable and less awkward to not have to pull out my gigantor camera (case and point, day 364 at leatherby's where kenny asks me what i'm doing.  all i had to say was, "instagramming."  ha)
i have already compiled my blurb book to have this physically printed up like my last one and just need to figure out what the heck i'm going to put on the cover... perhaps i'll skim through some of the instagrams that didn't make the 365 cut.  anyways, i'm excited to be back to "normal" posting and not feel like i have to be sure to do something before midnight, though i am certain i'll still have the urge to post daily.  let's see how 2015 goes, shall we?
here is a small handful that didn't quite make the 365 cut, but were still some of my favorite moments (and also proof that i didn't just take pictures all year, but was even in some of them)
hoorah for 2014, and hip hip hooray for 2015 :)

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