Friday, May 22, 2015

the official pudge catvent post

here it is, friends...
the moment you've all been waiting for.
in reality, it's more than likely primarily the moment i've been waiting for, because it means that this beast is DONE.  alas.  no more wip photos here, there and everywhere in between.  but that's all groovy.  because....
100 pudge cats, all buddy buddy like on a quilt just for me.
only took about 5 months in to the new year to get it done, but better late than never, right?  i have to say, despite the one crooked side that really doesn't show in these pictures (yep.  i'll state flaws in my quilts.  adds in some uniqueness to each one), i am very pleased with this quilt.  everything came together rather well, and the pink noses are probably my favorite part.  but i'm also a little biased to my pink nose grump cat.
this one here is the most elroy-esque in layout and such, and i still have YET to test out the glowing bits all over this quilt. should have done it right after i took all these pictures. oops.
so since the back is one solid piece, i decided to forgo the entire photo of it, and show off more kitties!  the thread is variegated black, white and gray, which blended in well with the front and back without being too "in your face" in contrast to the kitties.  this was round 2 with my walking foot, and it went a million times better.  though, i opted for chalk lining everything instead of using the guide, so that will take some practice.
i love this little yarn ball looking gray.  when i saw it initially, i bought yards and yards of it for this quilt.  good thing i did at the time, because when i was it the store last weekend, i saw none of it at all!
i attempted to lint roll this quilt, but there was no use. it took one layer off, but then i think it attracted even more as it hung there. my kitties became more realistic. look at that fur texture! amazing!
i'll wrap things up with this almost calm looking elroy.
you'd think he'd be a little bit happy that he has a gang of 100 friends now.
whatever elroy.  i'll just keep loving you, and you'll just keep being grumpy about it.
to the rest of you, happy friday!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

nerdy themed ruffle apron

some how, some way, my sister got a job at joann's this past holiday season.  they must know that we need the discount, and i was just too much awesomeness for them to handle when i applied a few years back.  besides, it has become apparent that the crafty world of joann's has begun to rub off on this sister of mine, and has inspired her to do some crafting of her own.  anyways, it was at her request that i make her an apron (since she doesn't sew) so that she doesn't have to wear the generic ones the store has.  knowing my favorite apron tutorial (which she has modeled three times now) i knew what i was going to make and just needed the fabric for it.  at one point it was going to be avengers themed i believe, but then this fabric was available in stores and we decided to go with it.  in case you weren't aware (or forgot) my sister is a physics major, so this overly nerdy themed fabric was perfect for her.  the polka dots were a good off set to separate the print without getting too crazy all over the place.
i managed to make this apron in an afternoon, after another cryptic "i made cookie dough..." texts, i figured i may as well get her fancied up for the last few months of working at joann's before she leaves for college.  it was so crazy to sew something that didn't involve quilting.... it went together quite quickly in one afternoon :)
it has been decided that the only flaw in this apron pattern is the lack of pockets.  which i suppose is really only a problem if you're trying to put a walkie talkie and/or a handheld somewhere instead of in your hands.  perhaps i'll have to revise this for the next fabric store employee i make this apron for.
workin' it
i've had some serious thoughts about making a few of these (generic enough) and offering them up on etsy.  i suppose i'll have to see how my summer looks after the next few days as i finish up finals and transition between school year to summer camp/dance recital/wedding season time.  but there you have it!  aileen's nerd-a-licious themed apron to love and squeeze and call her own.  and for kicks, here's a few links back to the previously made ruffle aprons:
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