Friday, February 28, 2014

nurse themed ruffle apron - amy's bridal shower gift

i promised you a blog post about this, and now FINALLY there is a blog post.  and such a hodge podge of photos to go with it, since i had two models and a tree hanging variety to choose from.  i could have posted a bunch more that all looked exactly the same, simply because i love these aprons... but i resisted.
first things first. these hangers. love them. all brides should have one, and they should order them RIGHT HERE. i've placed orders super late in the game, and they've arrived with plenty of time to spare.  i may just order a generic "bride" one for my upcoming weddings this year, just incase.  but seriously people, take care of your brides and get them a fantastic custom hanger to put their wedding dress on.  unless i am invited to the shower.  then don't steal my thunder.
my sister modeled this first chunk of photos, as she is drafted in to every time i sew something. so here is her "photo cred"... just look at that smize she has. tyra taught her well.
so about the fabric...
i came across it (actually my mom did) when i was shopping for the fabric for betsy's airplanes apron for her october bridal shower.  i thought about buying it right then and there, but decided to wait until the bridal shower was closer and then go for it.  i think i hoped for a black friday sale or something, but nope.  nothing.  the apron takes five fabrics, and since there were only four i had to come up with a way to either find a coordinating fifth, or just deal with what was there.  so i decided since i liked the bandaids so much, i would use it ALL OVER this apron.  i made it the belt, as well as the second and fourth ruffles.  yep.  super happy with it.  it helped break up the stark white-ness of the rest of the apron.  yeah, i know.  white, such a great color to use around cooking... but since amy just finished her nursing degree and landed a job that officially starts days after the wedding, it was all so appropriate.
of course, i had to save the bridal shower "excitement" photos for this blog post. because it's just that much more exciting!
this past weekend amy was here (and we attempted to knock out her wedding favors... i'm sure there will be more on that after this weekend. ha!) and she just happened to bring her apron with her. so while sarah was inside fighting the printer, amy (and rue) came outside to model. such a fabulous job all around.
i just love how brutally honest rue is in this next one... seriously, tell us how bored you REALLY are.
then it was back inside to assemble the ONE successful favor. one down, 124 or so more to go.
let the wedding countdown begin! right now, it's at nine days... say WHAT?? bachelorette party this weekend, and before we know it, she'll be stuck with luke FOREVER.  nah, he's a pretty good guy.

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  1. I think the "heart monitor" fabric is my favorite. The apron turned out super cute and her face when she pulled it out is hilarious!