Friday, February 14, 2014

saying goodbye: it's just a "thing"

yesterday was kind of a big deal, but at the same time it feels like it shouldn't be.
so i'm blogging about it.  deal with it.
yesterday, i sold my first car.
"first car" being the one that my dad bought the day after i my car was totaled because i needed to get to work on monday.  it became MY car officially the day the final car payment was paid, and the number was crossed off my make shift count down chart (i have one going for my rav4 as well, because that's how i roll)
it took us an entire day of car shopping to find this car that day, but it was found.
i can't say i "loved" the car... but it served me seven and a half years worth of my life.
long work commutes, college degrees, first days as a wedding photographer, life in general... surprisingly this wookie car made it through.  last june was the tipping point though, and i had to call it the end.  don't worry, we fixed it all up well before selling it.
i'd be lying if i didn't get a little emotional over this car going on to a new owner.
but i did.
and i felt dumb about it.
but then i remembered the time my parents got rid of our astro and brought home the ugly silver van.  i was upset over that too.  so i felt a little more justified as my "allergies" kicked in as i drove the car for the final time.
it's just a thing.  and as much as i disliked the car more often than not...
it served me well.
farewell, corolla.  you're on to a new life now.

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