Tuesday, February 25, 2014

amy's bridal shower

the realization of that this was nearly a month ago, her bachelorette party is this weekend, and her wedding is less than two weeks away now... this post needed to happen!  if you remember the invitations, here is the final product of amy's bridal shower.  primarily socializing photos & amy opening presents (and food) but it is what it is.  and we had a fantastic time.  even me, who found the ice in the driveway and fell on my bum.  that was uber exciting!
i realize i don't have any cool pictures on my camera of the insides of these cupcakes, but they were basically DIY funfetti cupcakes to match amy's wedding colors of blue & green.  i purchased wilton's batter bits from joann's in the colors, mixed them in and they baked up delicious.  there's a picture on my instagram somewhere... they look like a mix between fruity pebbles & aquarium rocks, but tasted a billion times better.  the punch i mixed up was blue raspberry koolaid (or berry burst.  whatever the blue packet is) mixed with country time lemonade.  it was a bit on the sour side, but super delish.  and very blue.
i'm starting to wonder who was the guest of honor... amy or rue. probably rue...
jenny's brother drafted up a madlib for us to offer her some wedding advice. some of the words proved to be rather interesting... someone used "moist" at one point. haha
spoiler alert. i got amy a hanger & made her a ruffle apron. more on that later this week
and of course, finishing things off with amy & her momma dori :)
after all the guests came and went, we knocked out some hardcore wedding planning for her, and checked a bunch of things off her list.  right now, it's down to double checking that list and getting ready for a rockin' bachelorette party this weekend in reno.  i will do my best to get some blog worthy photos from that as well :)

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