Monday, November 28, 2011

weekend wips

my ONLY black friday shopping
and this is the result of mine + mom's combined since we forgot to grab two cut table numbers
we got in the store and they were in the teens... we were #49

most of this week didn't really consist of much crafting. my goals to get certain things done by a deadline didn't happen. oh well, no big deal. it's not like christmas is tomorrow... although at the rate that this year is speeding on by, it just might be. so i guess my "crafting" for this week can consist of the jamba juice-esque smoothie i blended, and the potstickers i helped prep for thanksgiving. yes, you read that correctly. pot stickers for thanksgiving. and three photo sessions. whoop whoop.
t-shirt quilt j: slowly but surely, the binding is being added. saturday night it got sewed on through watching 17 again & friends. it's over halfway attatched, but it is just so blah to keep doing all in one sitting! hopefully this week will be the week when it is finished... and i can get it out of here!
christmas gift b: i think i'm just going to stick with two fabrics here, unless something in my box o' fabric what nots screams "use me!" i found some buttons while at joann's on friday, so now these little things might get underway this week as well.
christmas gift c: TOTAL change from what was originally planned, thanks to pinterest. i saw it, i searched for it, and found my direction to go. the fabric was bought, prewashed and dried on friday, and now it is just on to cutting it out and assembling. here's to hoping it turns out as good as i vision it in my head.
gift d: this is more of a little bit of every occasion gift that has been waiting and waiting for me to get all the pieces to continue working on it. well, when michaels wouldn't take my coupon (but they were the only place that had what i needed) i left in a huff, but knew that meant i could get started. another "work on this week" kind of project... hopefully.

Monday, November 21, 2011

weekend wips

so i used the same picture as my "let's do 52". big whoop.
i left the mushu fur in this one though, to make it crafty "authentic"

not a whole lot of crafting this week. i guess i was pretty run down from quiltzilla of last weekend. but then i looked at the calendar, and then back to the joann's pile on my floor, and then back to the calendar, then back to my floor (imagine that all said in the old spice man voice). sadly, there was stuff to be done, and if i let it sit any longer, it would be christmas eve and i would quite possibly be going insane with trying to finish things.
t-shirt quilt j: blah for binding. i started sewing it on saturday night, through episodes of whose line & snl, but called it a night when i ran out of thread on my first piece and didn't feel like re-threading the needle. my goal is to have it done before thursday so it can be out of sight and secretly passed off to the gift giver.
christmas gift a: done done done. i could have knocked it all out in a day, like i had estimated, but i broke it in two, which i think my hands appreciated. only so much cross stitching can be done. but hey, i think this counts as my first fully finished without any mistakes cross stitch project. gold star for me!
christmas gifts b&c: sitting. i'm still trying to find a perfect third fabric to go with one of the items, and NOTHING seems to be working out for me. perhaps i should try beverley's or something... joann's variety just isn't cutting it.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

meagan's wedding gift

like i mentioned on the weekend wips post, this past friday was meagan's wedding. which means i can now do the big reveal of the her wedding gift, which was also the biggest quilt i have ever made! lisa had used the amy butler daisy chain pattern for her brother in law's wedding, and i liked it so much, i decided to use it for meagan's (see lisa's rendition here). meagan's colors were a peacock scheme, so i based them off some fabric i found at joann's that had peacocks on the print (without using the actual print itself) and also enlarged it from a queen size pattern in to a california king. and then i had to find somewhere to hang the finished product to photograph it. rain gutter + binder clips = win.
the cool part is that the pieces are generally left up to your free will as to arrangement and placement of different sized strips to create the scrappy looking design. i used different shades of teal, green & purple, with hints of paisley and a blue/purple print. the orange was thrown in there based off the original fabric, and helps break up the other colors with a little something extra.
my grandma came to my rescue again and helped me out by quilting it. she used a variegated purple thread, which looks SUPER great against all the colors of the quilt. apparently it was nearly too huge to fit in to her normal quilting area. at least my next projects that will request her to help me out again are smaller... kinda ;)
SUPER happy with how the binding turned out... and i have LOADS of it leftover. i could make some mean ruffles with it. maybe that will be everyone's christmas present this year. some form of varigated peacock colored ruffle creations. aprons, lampshades. i see it all now! now, here are a few pictures from friday night so you can see just how fabulous the newlyweds looked :)
of course, had to show off her fabulous dress and flowers! she definetly made one gorgeous bride on a very wet and rainy friday evening. nothing could get her down, and i know the two of them will have an excellent life together :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

weekend wips

not a whole lot happening this week it seems. mainly because one HUGE project needed to be completed for friday, and once that was done, there was definetly a crafty burn out. that is until sunday came around, and i wanted to do SOMETHING... but couldn't think of what. christmas gifts were still lacking one supply or another, or needed flattening before continuing... so this week's wips is a little on the shabby side. but hey, that means there will be a blog post this week for a completed project!
wedding gift m: signed, sealed & delivered! this was the burn out project, because i hate hand sewing. but all that blind hemming on the binding paid off. well, at least my mom was impressed by it. wrapped it up in it's peacock colored glory and shuttled it off to the bay area with me on friday. stay tuned to see more pictures of the quilt (and the b-e-a-Utiful bride as well!)
t-shirt quilt j: i was bored on saturday, and needed to find out if i had to buy more fabric for the binding... so i threw that together and found out that (shockingly... not) i had over purchased fabric when i bought the fabric last trip to joanns. so now the binding is attatched, pinned down to the back side waiting to be hand sewn down (ew).
christmas gifts a-c: nothing. still sitting around and have done nothing. well, one is being flattened out under a cutting mat and a box of 12x12 paper packs... so maybe tomorrow. and i bought a frame. oooh. exciting...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

fabric flowers - homecoming 2011

since i now know the secret to making these, i'm sure there will be plenty more to come. ariana and i spent a saturday last month cruising thrift stores for anything decent to find. well, out of the day, we found my sister a dress for homecoming the following saturday that was perfect. it needed a little accesorizing, so i took it upon myself to create a headband and wristlet using a tutorial on fabric flowers. after some lovely glue burn blisters, and a video tutorial made by lisa, these flowers became what they were supposed to!
the wristlet was made from three little rose shapes wedged together and glued to a piece of elastic. i opted against using the "premade" corsage bracelets craft stores sell, so that i could make my own shape instead of having a big piece of metal to cover. and have this sparkly elastic as well.for a little variety, i threw in a sparkly black rosebud on the headband. to coordinate it a little more, i pieced in the leftover from the elastic of the wristband on to the headband. originally, it was just a simple solid black band, but this helped "glam" it up a little bit more.
a few more full "portraits" of her are on my other blog at i didn't get any of her on the day of homecoming itself, and well... it was pretty chilly outside the day i took these. you get what you pay for, right? unfortunately for her, this model isn't paid ;)
fabric flower tutorial -

Monday, November 7, 2011

weekend wips

here we are, back to where we left off last month. besides the crafting for the halloween costume, you really didn't miss out on much by me not posting my weekly crafty work-ness. now it has become crunch time for one project, and then it is time to begin the crafting for the holiday season that is slowly sneaking up on us. it's november already?! weird.
wedding gift m - crunch time! i made binding last monday. yards and yards of binding, since i knew how large this project was. so much binding, i wrapped it around a vhs box to keep it flat and out of the way. the quilt came back on tuesday, and did i use all the binding? no. did i use half the binding? heck no. did i use even a quarter of the binding? probably not. am i going to have this binding for the rest of my life? more than likely. the wedding is on friday, so it is time to get down to business and keep on hand sewing!
t-shirt quilt j - still pretty much where i left it. awaiting binding. i bought the fabric for it, so once i get through with the wedding project, it will be time to begin this one so i can get it out of my house!
christmas gift a - still sitting where i left it after i bought the supplies for it. it would seriously take me one sitting to do it... i just have to get my act together and do it!
christmas gift b - bought fabric. not ALL the fabric i wanted. but some. need to take a round 2 trip this week and see if i can find exactly what i am looking for.
christmas gift c - the ideas are brewing. i now know what i want to do, i just have to execute it. and hope that they end up as fun and fabulous as i hope - and not make one for myself since i don't know what i would do with it!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

butterfly feet

for some unknown reason, i had a blank canvas in my room. thanks to pinterest, i was inspired what to do with it FINALLY. in september, lorelai, kent & i began an art project for lisa's birthday. this last saturday we finished it up and wrapped it. the easiest way is to just dive right in and show you the messy progression.
step one: gather supplies. paint.blank canvas.cute children.step two. paint feet.kent loves hanging out at my house. can you tell?step three: after feet dry (ours sat for like a month between visits, but you shouldn't need to wait THAT long) add butterfly bodies and wha laa! complete!step four: label and date for future reference.step five: enlist the three year old to help wrap.step six: label present. if you can't tell that says "for mommy" you might want to get your eyes checked. okay, i'm kidding. a little bit.
step seven: reflect. and wish you had two sets of adult hands helping with the painting of the feet. recommend this project to anyone with children, but don't try and do it alone! it can get crazy (refer to step two, the kent photo)