Wednesday, November 16, 2011

meagan's wedding gift

like i mentioned on the weekend wips post, this past friday was meagan's wedding. which means i can now do the big reveal of the her wedding gift, which was also the biggest quilt i have ever made! lisa had used the amy butler daisy chain pattern for her brother in law's wedding, and i liked it so much, i decided to use it for meagan's (see lisa's rendition here). meagan's colors were a peacock scheme, so i based them off some fabric i found at joann's that had peacocks on the print (without using the actual print itself) and also enlarged it from a queen size pattern in to a california king. and then i had to find somewhere to hang the finished product to photograph it. rain gutter + binder clips = win.
the cool part is that the pieces are generally left up to your free will as to arrangement and placement of different sized strips to create the scrappy looking design. i used different shades of teal, green & purple, with hints of paisley and a blue/purple print. the orange was thrown in there based off the original fabric, and helps break up the other colors with a little something extra.
my grandma came to my rescue again and helped me out by quilting it. she used a variegated purple thread, which looks SUPER great against all the colors of the quilt. apparently it was nearly too huge to fit in to her normal quilting area. at least my next projects that will request her to help me out again are smaller... kinda ;)
SUPER happy with how the binding turned out... and i have LOADS of it leftover. i could make some mean ruffles with it. maybe that will be everyone's christmas present this year. some form of varigated peacock colored ruffle creations. aprons, lampshades. i see it all now! now, here are a few pictures from friday night so you can see just how fabulous the newlyweds looked :)
of course, had to show off her fabulous dress and flowers! she definetly made one gorgeous bride on a very wet and rainy friday evening. nothing could get her down, and i know the two of them will have an excellent life together :)

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