Wednesday, November 2, 2011

butterfly feet

for some unknown reason, i had a blank canvas in my room. thanks to pinterest, i was inspired what to do with it FINALLY. in september, lorelai, kent & i began an art project for lisa's birthday. this last saturday we finished it up and wrapped it. the easiest way is to just dive right in and show you the messy progression.
step one: gather supplies. paint.blank canvas.cute children.step two. paint feet.kent loves hanging out at my house. can you tell?step three: after feet dry (ours sat for like a month between visits, but you shouldn't need to wait THAT long) add butterfly bodies and wha laa! complete!step four: label and date for future reference.step five: enlist the three year old to help wrap.step six: label present. if you can't tell that says "for mommy" you might want to get your eyes checked. okay, i'm kidding. a little bit.
step seven: reflect. and wish you had two sets of adult hands helping with the painting of the feet. recommend this project to anyone with children, but don't try and do it alone! it can get crazy (refer to step two, the kent photo)

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