Monday, November 21, 2011

weekend wips

so i used the same picture as my "let's do 52". big whoop.
i left the mushu fur in this one though, to make it crafty "authentic"

not a whole lot of crafting this week. i guess i was pretty run down from quiltzilla of last weekend. but then i looked at the calendar, and then back to the joann's pile on my floor, and then back to the calendar, then back to my floor (imagine that all said in the old spice man voice). sadly, there was stuff to be done, and if i let it sit any longer, it would be christmas eve and i would quite possibly be going insane with trying to finish things.
t-shirt quilt j: blah for binding. i started sewing it on saturday night, through episodes of whose line & snl, but called it a night when i ran out of thread on my first piece and didn't feel like re-threading the needle. my goal is to have it done before thursday so it can be out of sight and secretly passed off to the gift giver.
christmas gift a: done done done. i could have knocked it all out in a day, like i had estimated, but i broke it in two, which i think my hands appreciated. only so much cross stitching can be done. but hey, i think this counts as my first fully finished without any mistakes cross stitch project. gold star for me!
christmas gifts b&c: sitting. i'm still trying to find a perfect third fabric to go with one of the items, and NOTHING seems to be working out for me. perhaps i should try beverley's or something... joann's variety just isn't cutting it.

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