Monday, November 28, 2011

weekend wips

my ONLY black friday shopping
and this is the result of mine + mom's combined since we forgot to grab two cut table numbers
we got in the store and they were in the teens... we were #49

most of this week didn't really consist of much crafting. my goals to get certain things done by a deadline didn't happen. oh well, no big deal. it's not like christmas is tomorrow... although at the rate that this year is speeding on by, it just might be. so i guess my "crafting" for this week can consist of the jamba juice-esque smoothie i blended, and the potstickers i helped prep for thanksgiving. yes, you read that correctly. pot stickers for thanksgiving. and three photo sessions. whoop whoop.
t-shirt quilt j: slowly but surely, the binding is being added. saturday night it got sewed on through watching 17 again & friends. it's over halfway attatched, but it is just so blah to keep doing all in one sitting! hopefully this week will be the week when it is finished... and i can get it out of here!
christmas gift b: i think i'm just going to stick with two fabrics here, unless something in my box o' fabric what nots screams "use me!" i found some buttons while at joann's on friday, so now these little things might get underway this week as well.
christmas gift c: TOTAL change from what was originally planned, thanks to pinterest. i saw it, i searched for it, and found my direction to go. the fabric was bought, prewashed and dried on friday, and now it is just on to cutting it out and assembling. here's to hoping it turns out as good as i vision it in my head.
gift d: this is more of a little bit of every occasion gift that has been waiting and waiting for me to get all the pieces to continue working on it. well, when michaels wouldn't take my coupon (but they were the only place that had what i needed) i left in a huff, but knew that meant i could get started. another "work on this week" kind of project... hopefully.

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