Monday, November 7, 2011

weekend wips

here we are, back to where we left off last month. besides the crafting for the halloween costume, you really didn't miss out on much by me not posting my weekly crafty work-ness. now it has become crunch time for one project, and then it is time to begin the crafting for the holiday season that is slowly sneaking up on us. it's november already?! weird.
wedding gift m - crunch time! i made binding last monday. yards and yards of binding, since i knew how large this project was. so much binding, i wrapped it around a vhs box to keep it flat and out of the way. the quilt came back on tuesday, and did i use all the binding? no. did i use half the binding? heck no. did i use even a quarter of the binding? probably not. am i going to have this binding for the rest of my life? more than likely. the wedding is on friday, so it is time to get down to business and keep on hand sewing!
t-shirt quilt j - still pretty much where i left it. awaiting binding. i bought the fabric for it, so once i get through with the wedding project, it will be time to begin this one so i can get it out of my house!
christmas gift a - still sitting where i left it after i bought the supplies for it. it would seriously take me one sitting to do it... i just have to get my act together and do it!
christmas gift b - bought fabric. not ALL the fabric i wanted. but some. need to take a round 2 trip this week and see if i can find exactly what i am looking for.
christmas gift c - the ideas are brewing. i now know what i want to do, i just have to execute it. and hope that they end up as fun and fabulous as i hope - and not make one for myself since i don't know what i would do with it!

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