Wednesday, November 9, 2011

fabric flowers - homecoming 2011

since i now know the secret to making these, i'm sure there will be plenty more to come. ariana and i spent a saturday last month cruising thrift stores for anything decent to find. well, out of the day, we found my sister a dress for homecoming the following saturday that was perfect. it needed a little accesorizing, so i took it upon myself to create a headband and wristlet using a tutorial on fabric flowers. after some lovely glue burn blisters, and a video tutorial made by lisa, these flowers became what they were supposed to!
the wristlet was made from three little rose shapes wedged together and glued to a piece of elastic. i opted against using the "premade" corsage bracelets craft stores sell, so that i could make my own shape instead of having a big piece of metal to cover. and have this sparkly elastic as well.for a little variety, i threw in a sparkly black rosebud on the headband. to coordinate it a little more, i pieced in the leftover from the elastic of the wristband on to the headband. originally, it was just a simple solid black band, but this helped "glam" it up a little bit more.
a few more full "portraits" of her are on my other blog at i didn't get any of her on the day of homecoming itself, and well... it was pretty chilly outside the day i took these. you get what you pay for, right? unfortunately for her, this model isn't paid ;)
fabric flower tutorial -

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