Monday, December 5, 2011

weekend wips

as i'm typing this blog post, i'm freeeeeezing. you would think i would have worked harder to get binding sewn on. blanket on me while crafting. sounds like a good thing right? well, that binding is just so unconvincing! i enjoy the occasional cross stitch, but when it comes to hand sewing... no thank you! alas, it needs to get done. i don't think a blanket half full of pins would go over well as a DIY kind of christmas gift. as in "here is a blanket... now do the REST yourself". bah. i've been a crafty slug. please someone keep reminding me that each day i procrastinate, the closer christmas is getting...
t-shirt quilt j: after much whining and ranting (mostly to myself and you blog readers) i got the dang thing done! spent a decent amount of yesterday evening hand sewing through tv shows to get it done, and then threw it in the dryer with a wet hand towel to hopefully get some of the cat hair off it. but what is a gift without a little bit of cat hair?
christmas gift b: i was ready to get going on this project, since it was small and would go together very easily, but once i went to the drawer where i THOUGHT the last piece i would need to be... i found it wasn't. excellent. so hopefully today i can get that going, since i know what i'm missing... for reals.
christmas gift c: still sitting. uncut. partially because i wanted to get the quilt out of the way. and partially out of fear of messing it up. i think today or tuesday might be the day to take a deeper look in to this project.
gift d: signed, sealed, delivered. it was well recieved, and will be on the blog on wednesday!
christmas gifts e&f: yeah, as the days grow closer, my list grows longer. these items require some of the same supplies - all of which i ordered off amazon yesterday afternoon and should be here this week. this is another potential fear project. something i have never done before, and could be a total bust if i don't get it right...
christmas gift g: pinterest is the devil. because that's part of where i keep getting ideas from. yeah. another idea to add to the list. it's more in my crafty zone of comfort, so once i get the supplies for it, it should go together easy peasy since i found a pattern online to use. with all these lists going... it sounds like a joann's trip is much needed! luckily, i won't need any fabric cut!

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