Wednesday, December 7, 2011

happy gradu-birth-mas - scrapbook project

well, the planning for this started nearly two years ago. how do i remember? well, apparently it was my photo for the day back on january 14th for my 365 photo project. fast forward however many exact days later, and i finished it right on time! of course, erika's birthday coming up made me push myself for that deadline to get the dang thing done.
when she graduated high school, i made her a photo quilt. this scrapbook option was much easier, and probably much better space saver since she's now coming on 6 months until her wedding day (ahhh! that's what tomorrow is! crazy!) and probably doesn't need a whole lot of extra things laying around. shoot, i'm not engaged or anything, and i know that i don't need things laying around... but it happens anyways. i do it to myself. hah.
the book starts off with the very first photo of us. 2003. brace faced and at marching practice. no, i'm not going to feature it on this blog post. sorry. through out the book, i tried to feature as many photos of just US without the extras along the way. you know, the high school boyfriends, the people we don't talk to anymore, the ex coworkers. all that jazz. some of them made their appearances because they had to - sadies, prom, homecoming - but hey, it's all part of the journey right?
i'm totally not a die hard with my cricut either. my main use consists of making letters so i don't have to use stickers. and that is just fine with me. the pictures say it better though. i'm sure i could have left the entire thing blank, and everything would have fit just perfectly.
2003 all the way up to november of this year (my birthday even!) all covered with photos. a friendship that i'm super happy to have all these photos from. seeing this complete makes me want to get MY scrapbooks going... but at the same time, i'm so much less motivated when it is something for myself versus a gift... time to keep those holiday gifts going!

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