Monday, December 19, 2011

weekend wips

another I GOT STUFF DONE! weekend. hip hip hoorah! so crazy that christmas is now officially less than a week away, and i feel like things are finally dying down. of course that means come january, it will be on to wedding crafting... and maybe even that t-shirt quilt of mine... or the scrappy squares one. so many choices! anyways, here is what went down this weekend.
christmas gift c: done. and i'm SO happy with it. like, want to keep it for myself but i know i shouldn't because that would just be plain silly happy with it. i just now need to make my sister model it for me, so i can wrap it up and make plans with it's soon to be owner.
christmas gift e&f: yeah. things aren't looking good as far as this one goes. i think it may just turn in to one of the two planned things, since it's something i've never done before, and christmas is inching closer moment by moment. if i can knock out one, that's better than i'm feeling about it right now.
christmas gift g: was delivered yesterday, but i'm going to wait until post christmas to do all the present reveal posts... just because i can.

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