Monday, December 12, 2011

weekend wips

are you ready to see this massive list start getting crossed off? are you SURE you are ready? because things are happening, and it's happening FAST! before i know it, it's going to be christmas eve. yikes. but i must not worry. i'm on top of this, right? yes. must keep telling myself that.
t-shirt quilt j: DONE AND DELIVERED. the thing that has been on these weekend wips since i started blogging again in august is FINALLY off the list and out of my possession.
christmas gift b: DONE. just need to photograph and wrap.
christmas gift c: it's moving closer. it has been cut up and ready to start sewing. since the quilt is done, i guess i have no choice now but to take the plunge.
christmas gifts e&f: moving closer. all my supplies came, but it's another partial fear project. i do need to get one or two more things before i can actually begin, so hopefully, this week i can get it going. depends what my brain looks like during "cram for the christmas show" time.
christmas gift g: DONE! one of those super quick, but super excellent projects. i'm really hoping the recipient will enjoy the humor of it though :)

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