Monday, October 14, 2013

airplanes & postcards ruffle apron - betsy's getting married!

are you all thinking what i'm thinking?
if you are, it's probably something along the lines of "FINALLY..."  because that's how i feel about getting a real blog post up.  no joke.  and i'm super pumped about this one... and the next one to come too.  but more on that later.  obviously.
dearest betsy is getting married in less than three weeks (eeeps!) and a week ago yesterday jenny hosted a fabulous tea party bridal shower at the power's mansion inn tea room and once i got that invite, i knew i had to make something for her.  i made this apron previously in 2011 for a different friend and absolutely loved how it turned out then.  when i thought of what i could make for betsy, it seemed right up her alley.
when i think of betsy's style (and look at her pinterest.  haha) it's very vintage/classy with a splash of color here and there.  like taylor swift, but prettier.  true story.  the girl loves her pearls!  the husband to be is a pilot, so i thought that would be a perfect starting point for the "theme" of the apron.
the postcards & stamps came inspired from betsy's love to travel.  there was a time where she was working for a company that involved her traveling all over the nashville area.  pretty sure i remember her saying she met nicole kidman!  she also did some traveling in europe with a friend back in 2011.  and now with a pilot of a husband, i'm sure they've got plenty of great plans ahead of them.
when a project turns out better than i imagined... i can't help but mentally high five myself.
this is one of those kinds of projects for sure.  not to brag or anything...
here is part two of her gift.  i wish i knew how to make these... or had the patience to do so.
but i just love these hangers so much.  i bought one for erika last year (that i clearly did not blog a photo of) and it got such rave reviews that i decided betsy totally needed one too.  and the result was the same.  these hangers are fabulous, and every bride should have one to hang her wedding dress on.  the vendor i've used is handcrafted affairs.  be sure to check them out!
as usual, i forgot to get something... and that would be a card, or at least a gift tag to tell her who the present was from.  i remembered i had these initially for the next project that will be blogged, so i remembered last minute and put one on here as well.  my grandma got them for me years ago, and i need to remember to use them!
it should be mentioned that jenny did a fantastic job hosting the bridal shower. betsy was given little detail as to what to expect, and when she walked in the place, she was beaming with excitement.  she was truly a bride who appreciates everything & everyone that has been involved in the process of her wedding planning.  her big day is just a short while away, and i cannot wait to celebrate that with her as well!
once again, for the original apron tutorial (metric style): click here

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