Friday, November 1, 2013

october - instagram lookback

hello again, my not so massive blog following!  it's that time again for a little instagram look back of the month!  october was pretty action packed each and every weekend, that's for sure. and for the first few weeks, november isn't going to be less crazy.  awesome, but not less crazy.  woo hoo birthday month!  and funny thing, this month's instagram post is generally a collection of weekends for each row.  here we go!
- right away, the first weekend kicked off with a portrait session in old sacramento.  a few of my cousins made their way up from the bay area to get some photos with their boys and it made for a fun morning!  the day was followed up with a bridal consult, adventures with jenny, bridesmaid dress trying/ordering and some pre-bridal shower crafting.  all in all, very busy very productive day for sure.
-betsy was celebrated.  jenny rented out a tea house out in auburn, and even though i'm not a tea enthusiast, i can say it was the perfect place for betsy.  classy, elegant and fun.  this was the banner we made the day before, and she asked if she could use it at the wedding.  so sweet.  she was so genuine and stinkin' adorable all day, and i cannot wait to celebrate with her on her wedding day JUST TWO DAYS AWAY!!!
- following the bridal shower, i jammed home, changed out of my tea party best to head on down to gmas house to celebrate october/november birthdays (november because i'm a loner)...  in particular for october, kent who was there on his birthday.  lisa was in town for her friend jenny's wedding and we made the best of it.  lorelai and i got in some good swing time in the back yard, and had some cupcakes.  i didn't have any instagrams from the day i went to hang out in modesto, but it was equally as fun, with some hardcore fabric shopping thrown in.
- the following weekend i crashed at jenny's so i could be halfway to santa cruz to second shoot a wedding that saturday.  while i was out shooting, jenny bought muffins at costco, and sunday morning i pulled this one out, which happened to be smiling at me.  oh so cute... so i ate it.  and it was delish
- we headed out to the city and got our tourist on.  thanks to the bart strike, we had to drive in and endured the crazy traffic just to get through the stupid toll booth.  we parked near the westfield mall area and walked ourselves down to pier 39 in traditional style.  ate lunch at the wipeout place right at the entrance to pier 39 (they had good pizza, fyi) and then wandered around.  the view to alcatraz was pretty clear, which was impressive considering all the fog we were seeing elsewhere.  overall, a pretty worthwhile weekend.
- the next day, it was time for a family portrait session with my bride & groom from last september.  they've added an adorable little girl to their family and of course i couldn't say no!  the weather was fantastic, and the evening went great.  those will show up on the freeze frame blog once i get more sneak peeks going :)
- yeah, school is still chugging along pretty hard.  it was right around midterm time, which meant i had a few different tests going on all within the same week.  chaotic, but so glad for take home tests.  has definitely made the transition back in to school a whole lot easier after two years out of the groove.  yes, i am still enjoying my classes...  i've had to map out the next few semesters for one of my classes, so now i have a clearer vision of what is ahead for me.  i'm sure there will be more on that chaos later.
- i attended my first murder mystery dinner this month... and i was assigned the killer!  i killed jenny on the first round though...  sorry jenny.  i was a little unclear on the rules, but i could have killed a few more people without even knowing it.  it was a whole lot of fun, and i'm so glad melissa has invited me to these fun events.  since i totally slacked at doing a blog post on just that, here are a few photos from the evening.  some swiped from melissa because i didn't get a whole group photo on my camera :(
let's see if i can name what everyone is...
queen of hearts, alice in wonderland, the prince of persia princess, dick tracy, consuelo, walt (breaking bad), van gogh, zombie survivor, wonder woman, minnie mouse, zombie (warm bodies gender swapped) pikmin, green lantern, another something pikmin, sexy gandalf, dr. who... and yeah, don't know what that last one is...
- yep.  it came around to being that time of life again.  it was time for a change, and so i had chris' sister jolee do the hair chopping deed for me.  with a few pinterest photos for inspiration, 8" was chopped and is waiting for me to find the address to mail in to donate.  i will totally be going back to her for all my hair needs... and you should too.  just sayin' you should check her out on facebook & yelp.  she's awesome.  and i totally should have posted the picture from the day she cut my hair, but i don't think it's on my computer right now... with all the stuff coming up these next few weekends, there will be plenty of updated photos.  i'm sure of it.  for now, you can enjoy some fake trick or treating, starring myself & aileen, sneak attack by mushu.  originally dad was just going to fake give her candy, but then we pointed out he was the one with a pocket full of whoppers.  happy day after halloween y'all :)

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