Friday, November 8, 2013

lodi grape bowl - 2013

the last few years, erika and i have made it a point to make it out to one of the competitions for del oro.  the last two years, it had been the folsom competition we went to, making it super convenient and local.  well, they decided they weren't going to compete at folsom this year, so we had to make plans accordingly.  between my all over the place work schedule & disneyland trip we were left with minimal weekends.  so last saturday we trucked out to lodi for the grape bowl competition.
erika and i reminisced about our lodi going days.  the last time the band competed there was my junior year of high school (fall 2004) and i would have to say it was one of my favorite stadiums to compete at.  maybe it was the memories of setting up "camp" at a park next to the field where there were swings and play equipment.  of course, what high schoolers wouldn't want to play on a playground?  there was the year we competed and then drove home right after because it was the homecoming dance... and i was lucky enough to sit next to my "crush" on the bus ride home... oh geeze.  spirit wars in the stands, the "barn" of a locker room that the guard changed in, delicious gazzolo cooked dinners, you name it.
being that our sisters are one grade apart, as erika and i were, this is the final year for our "sisters" picture.  insert a little tear here.  it has been fun going all these years to see their show each time (this year's show is samurai) but next year will be totally weird without a sibling at del oro at all.  people keep asking my parents what they're going to do... mind you they've been volunteering to make stuff for the program & drive since my freshman year in 2002, and markham was in concert & jazz band for two years before that.  basically a total of  14 years involved with the programs.  crazy, right?
the band did pretty well. they were one of two bands in their division, so that made things easier for them. overall, they placed:
guard: 2nd place
percussion: 1st place
division: 1st place (score of 89.5 while the other group had a 67.5)
they beat the entire division above them's scores.  not too shabby.
i believe it's down to just two more competitions (napa this weekend & fairfield next weekend) and then it's on to winter season.  whoo hoo!
good job del oro.
good job sisters.
good job aileen.

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