Monday, November 11, 2013

schuhfest 2013

the day finally came!  betsy & dillon tied the knot a week ago yesterday and it was a b-e-a-Utiful ceremony.  i walked in the blue goose, and the entire place had "betsy & dillon" written all over it.   so fabulous.  everyone was so welcoming and friendly, it was fantastic.  the ceremony was so personal and memorable.  dillon's grandpa officiated, betsy's grandpa did a tying the knot ceremony, and the bridal party was basically blood relative or "might as well be related" aka jenny.
they were perfection.  betsy had basically been hands off with the whole wedding planning process - working full time, going to beauty school to be a professional pretty skin maker (because i cant figure out how to properly spell estitician to save my life, and spell check can't figure me out) so it has been quite a bit put on by her parents... and boy did they do a fantastic job.  that entire ceremony set up?  her dad made it.  and the cupcake tower, and about a million other things to turn the blue goose in to a lovely wonderland for their big night. and she was grateful, and so happy
betsy and her dad danced to butterfly kisses. yes, it was that perfect. when i heard the song come on, i couldn't think of anything better for her. jenny said it has always been "their song". gah. adorable
the flower girl was a little one that betsy has nannied for over the years, and you can tell she idolizes betsy. at the bridal shower, she sat right next to her the entire time, helped carry presents over, and was so excited to show betsy the pearl necklace she got from hawaii.  so sweet.  i hope my some day flower girl is as precious as she was!
here's the cupcake tower her dad built. awesome, right??
these are the same cupcakes that the tea house had for the bridal shower that jenny threw.  they were so delicious, they cancelled their original cupcake order for the wedding and ordered these.  i could have eaten them for days... SO GOOD.
oh look, i really was there!  i had so much fun at the wedding.  i spent most of the time chatting it up with jenny's mom, probably telling her somethings i shouldn't have... sorry jenny! ;)  i met dillon for the first time that night, and he was exactly has i had envisioned him in my head.  a perfect gentleman, and the perfect match for betsy.  the way she talked about him at the bridal shower, every gift saying "oh dillon will love this... dillon picked this out... i can't wait to show dillon" a smile radiated across her face, and you could see this was like a love never before.  i am so happy for them, and cannot wait to see their lives grow together.  it was a fabulous wedding indeed <3

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