Thursday, February 2, 2012

green with envy frilly apron

yeah, i know. you're in contact with a slacker here. it's now february, and you're getting the tail end of christmas gifts STILL. well, this one was the one i was holding off telling anyone about while making it. my math skills were put to the test, and i was a regular visitor to a website on metric to inches conversions. that's right. the entire pattern was written in cm, but being in the ol' us of a, we like to use inches around here.
after the conversions to inches/yardages and purchasing the fabric, i was good to go. prewashed everything, and then left it there to sit. yeah, it was a little intense to start, considering that i hate doing anything involving gathers. go figure that i picked a pattern that was all about ruffley gathers. but once i got to cutting out the pieces (after more conversions, and the website going down for a day or so) there was no turning back.
the instructions were really easy to follow. i only had to make a few adjustments here and there in order for the ruffles to be evenly placed - that could of been because i over rounded when converting - but otherwise, everything was easy peasy. i would advise top stitching the ties and top piece before attatching them. i went the crazy weird way for some reason... wasn't going to do it, but then ended up doing it. i couldn't make up my mind that day.
would i use this pattern again? yes yes yes. am i probably going to use it again within the year? absolutely. i love the fun flirty vibe of this apron, and it seemed that the recipient loved it too.
original apron pattern: frilly apron
where did i find it? pinterest, of course!


  1. Super cute. Right up my alley!

  2. i too love this apron, i did the changes to inches, cut my fabric, but it seems like the frills are not gathered enough. i think i am going to have to recut. i followed the convertion chart. i love yours by the way. love the green. any hints?

    1. hi vicki!
      thanks so much for the comments! how i gathered the pieces was by doing two rows of basting and then pulling them that way. doing gathers are totally my least favorite thing to do, so i pulled them in until they were the same width as the back fabric. once they were sewn down, i also zig zagged the raw edges down to the back panel. not sure if that helped the ruffling at all. if i ever do this pattern again (i'm sure i will) i will try and to a tutorial post :)

  3. Pinterest is soooo full of inspiration, but rearely does what you find come out as well as you did!! This apron is A D O R A B L E!!! I'm so glad you rejuvinated this post at Tuesday Archives this week!!!