Monday, February 13, 2012

weekend wips

the first part of all this "technically" should have been bunched with last week's weekend wips, but after talk about four year olds and wedding "woo hoo!" ness, i let it slide on to this week. so a week ago yesterday, i finally took the plunge and chopped up all of the t-shirts from high school to make my second installment of t-shirt quilts. i also realized that my first t-shirt quilt was made six years ago (yikes!) but is still holding up strong on my bed. ever since i chopped them in to front/back halves, they have just sat there... so nothing more exciting to go to that.
next up, i made the veil for the "stylized" shoot i've been planning, but threats of rainy weather have been bogging us down all weekend. saturday night when i came home from the bay area, i also bought supplies for a faux wedding bouquet that was put together yesterday. my mom did the taping, and i did the ribbon wrapping. really, it's nothing super fancy, but it's a good starting place for coming up with idea for future shoots.
other than those project pieces going on, there really hasn't been much happening. up and coming this week i'll be going to disney on ice (thursday) for some toy story 3 fantasticness. no, no children in tow, just me & one of my favorite california friends jenny. maybe i'll find my future husband there. then again, probably not ;) then i head off to vegas (saturday) for the wppi 2012 convention and will be there clear through to next wednesday/coming home thursday. my plan is to queue up some youtube finds and other randomness posts to keep you entertained in my time of absence. there are good things in the works, so don't you fret!

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