Tuesday, February 7, 2012

the "betsylu" ruby red slippers

on the other side of my life (the photography business side, of course) i have been actively working to put together my first stylized shoot. nothing super fancy or detailed. just a day of shooting a super gal i know who looks adorable in anything. it started with a red cardigan, and with every fabulous girl comes a fabulous pair of shoes, right? well, she didn't have any red shoes, so i took matters in to my own hands. a little help from pinterest, eco thrift & joanns, and my supplies were gathered. five layers of paint later, and these shoes were straight up perfection.
before: you can see the shoes were in pretty good condition. no massive wearing or anything. if i could rock a pair of heels, these shoes would have been totally perfect even without the glittering.
after: i left the heel black for two reasons. 1. because i liked them better that way. gave a little "edge" to them i felt. and 2. because i was too lazy to paint the heel. there, i said it.
as far as the brand of glitter goes... i love it. fantastic glittering without the mess of having to paint on modge podge or fabric glue and then shake glitter on. the dry time inbetween layers was SUPER easy to deal with (about an hour tops) and real easy to clean up. i used the glitter before (different color) when i painted my cap for my college graduation, and i plan to use another color in order to decorate some letters for bridal shower decor.
i've got a few more craft projects up my sleeves to do in order to deck out this faux bride to be, but as soon as the final project is photographed, i'll be sure to give y'all a photo and a link over to the full blog post on my photography page. even better, you can always head on over to the blog by clicking here and add it to your google reader and stay up to date!
glitter brand: folk art extreme glitter by plaid


  1. I've been wondering when these would show up! Did you get the extreme glitter at joanns? I want to do this for the flower girl shoes.

    1. yep! joann's paint section.
      are you going to to blue or orange?