Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy lovey dovey single's awareness day!

yeah, i went there! of course, with my group of friends, every day is singles awareness day for me! no big deal. i'm used to it. i decided to do a mix of things for this valentines day posting. first of all, a valentine's classic. (be my valentine, charlie brown clip) gotta love those conversation hearts!
next up for valentine's day, a little more youtube-ing brings you some of my favorite glee duets, whether romantic or silly. i won't be posting any from tonight's episode though. haven't watched it yet!

lastly, a short little list of some of my favorite lovey/funny/romantic comedy types of movies for you to potentially enjoy this valentine's day. in no specific order:
1. Valentine's Day
2. The Notebook
3. Bridesmaids
4. Crazy, Stupid, Love
5. 27 Dresses
and a bonus if you would like a movie night out:
6. The Vow
I enjoyed each and every one of those movies, and hope you would too. but like they say on reading rainbow, you don't have to take my word for it! Got any exciting plans for this evening with your loved one? Leave a comment below and share all about your excitement!

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