Monday, February 6, 2012

weekend wips [and a birthday wish]

finally, i have something to weekend craft talk about. crazy, right? well, it has finally come to a temporary end. no no, not the blog. or even my crafting for that matter. but the other wedding project that has been on the blog process since day one is FINALLY complete. well, complete in the sense that i did all i can do with it until it is time to have the binding put on.
the top was pieced together strip by strip until it became a whole front. the back was pieced together yard by yard (and shopped from store to store to get those yardages) so it would be the same shade of orange that was on the front of the quilt. i thought i had bought a big orange sheet, but either i 1. lost it 2. never bought it or 3. was thinking of the sheet i bought for jacob's t-shirt quilt. so much orange going on at the same time, it's pretty hard to keep things straight. this past monday i pinned the layers together after sweeping off the front porch (and avoiding bee stings) and then it got folded up, and sent off thursday to be quilted. by sent off, i really mean my mom took it to jazzercise with her to give to my grandma. i'm pretty amazed at myself. last wedding quilt was pretty close to the deadline... but it's february right now, i pinned it all a week ago, and the wedding isn't until june.
what am i going to do with my time? i'm not entirely sure. perhaps some bridal shower gift making... or there is always a t-shirt or scrappy square quilt i could work on. i may enlist a certain FOUR year old to help me decide which squares should go together. which four year old might that be? well, this one of course!
yeah, you get the crazy picture from christmas, because that's the most recent picture i have of you!
you were a pretty awesome three year old. we had some good times together watching princess movies, making foot print butterflies, feeding the cats goldfish. as awesome of a three year old you were, i'm sure you will be a pretty super four year old! happy birthday, lorelai!

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  1. haha I pretty much love the Crazy Christmas picture she was an awesome three year old and already a super four year old. I think those cats need some more gold fish soon!