Friday, February 17, 2012

what's happening: feb 18-22

well, as i mentioned before, i'm heading out of town this weekend for the wppi convention in las vegas. i'm not planning for any katy perry situations to happen, so don't you fear. this girl is still on the open market for all you hunky dudes out there. oh i crack myself up. anyways, here is the general run down of day by day:
saturday: driving. driving. driving.
saturday night: potential for recycled percussion show
sunday: first class at 9am (zach & jody gray)
followed by doug gordon and the photographers ignite bash
monday: kicks off at 8am with jerry ghionis
a little trade show wandering, then it's off to see my girl jasmine star and a favorite of some of my other fellow photographers, tamara lackey
tuesday: breakfast with some of my photographer friends i met last year
a bit of trade show wandering, and then crashing whichever platform classes i can get in to :)
wednesday: a little more trade show wandering, platform class crashing, and then last stop is dane sanders before beginning the voyage home after 4:30
i'm sure i'll take some time to wander the vegas strip with a few people here and there. last year i only got as far as the coca cola store, and even that wasn't too exciting. now the m&ms store, that was pretty cool. anyways, i've got some totally random posts set up and ready to go for you. music, video clips, funny haha pictures. tried to shake things up a bit, but not everything was set to go. i'll be sure to try and post a snapshot collection when i get home :) have a great weekend, and i'll talk at you soon!

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