Monday, February 27, 2012

weekend wips

there has been quite a bit going on here... well, at least in my brain that is. i'm back and home from las vegas, and had an awesome time! (there will be a picture post on that later this week, don't you worry). in the mean time, there has been quite a bit of best friend-ness on my mind as far as planning and crafting goes for multiple reasons. wedding AND babies, all happening in the next few months! 3 months 11 days as far as the wedding goes, that i know for sure ;) i'm still pacing myself as far as trying to figure out who is actually reading this blog before i go in to detail of what exactly i am doing/planning crafty wise for gifts, so hold tight! here is what is done/happening/in the brain of happening:
erika: that's the bride :) luckily, i have her main wedding present done now so it's currently just bridal shower gifts to figure out. which when i do, those will be more hush hush than anything else. since i've become her maid of honor, it's currently all about party planning and decorating. i have created a party specific pinboard ala my pinterest account here: "think pink". when she first came back to sac and got her apartment with her first roommate amanda, i bought letters for her to spell out her name for her room. they never got used or anything, so now they are in the process of being painted pink glitter to be a bridal shower decoration. i've got a few fun ideas going as far as party favors go, so i'm super excited to see how they pan out :) the two of us will also be making a fabric store trip together in order to figure out fabric for a ring bearer pillow. big plans!
jessica: she's going to be a mommy! i'm super excited for her and adam. i've known her for YEARS - she and i were bff back in the living in rio linda days - and i even photographed her wedding. they just found out on tuesday they are having a girl which means even more fun crafty planning. i started going through my fabric box looking to see what i have to work with for a baby shower gift for her. i have a feeling there is going to be a whole heck of a lot of pink happening in my house for awhile!
side note: i did manage to knock out the birthday gift i was working on in the car that i mentioned last week. it is all done and ready to gift. well, minus the wrapping. i'm still trying to motivate myself to work on my personal projects. but i guess i find that i would much rather do things for other people instead of myself. then they'll get use out of it, and it won't be sitting around in my room for me to admire all by my lonesome. haha. happy monday everyone :)

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