Wednesday, October 2, 2013

september - instagram lookback

hah. each time i do one of these posts, i think i try and procrastinate it a little bit longer, since i like to tell myself "there is NO way that this month could be over already!" and then the calendar proves me wrong...  and my homework assignments that just happen to keep on coming one after the other.  well... here's september, and there was no sleeping through it like there was for green day.
- new phone!  after a weekend of my phone dying on me while i was working a wedding, it was time to commit to a new phone.  so now, i have myself a droid mini, which really isn't THAT small... but it compares in size to my droid 3 that i had, minus the slide out keyboard since that was one of the first things to die on me.  so far, it's been fantastic.  i guess anything would be compared to a phone that has a mind of it's own and calls people on it's own.
- i had another bridal show this year, and trekked out to yuba city for it.  erika came along with me, and that made the day much more enjoyable (as well as productive.  i think i got more leads at this show because there were two people to talk to) i talked to a lot of brides, gave out a lot of hand outs, and even got to wear my new dress from old navy.  sawheet!
- that same day, after the bridal show was said & done (this is the real reason why erika was with me...) we headed out to concord to see the backstreet boys.  yes my friends, you read that correctly.  the drive was super easy, parking was INSANE, and the wendys was disgusting with no AC and no ice (personal complaint there).  but the concert was great.  dj pauly d was there... you know, that jersey shore guy? that's all i can tell you about him.  jesse mccartney totally aged well, is still adorable, and sounds fantastic.  and the backstreet boys were just as great as always.  played a lot of the "original" songs, which made life so much easier, since we both failed to get the newer albums.  all in all, well worth it!
- jenny & i went and saw "meet the millers" which i was prepared to be let down by...  most people i had heard it was a "stupid funny" kind of movie... but i thought it was fantastically hilarious.  sure, jennifer aniston is in her 40s and plays a stripper... but man, is there anything that woman can't do?  fantastic.  i would totally go see it again.
- forced myself back to the gym, and started watching dancing with the stars as a reason to be there...  i was rooting for bill nye of course.  alas, this past monday he was sent home and out of the competition, but boy did he put an awkwardly brilliant valiant effort in to his dancing.  yeah, i'll still keep going to the gym... even if it is just to work out.
- wedding invites make me so excited, and this lovely couple is one that i cannot wait for!  betsy is fantastic, and i'm positive dillon is a lucky fella to have reeled her in.  her bridal shower is this upcoming sunday, and i can't wait!  so much wedding goodness in this next month i can't wait :)
- ahhh the fabric store.  my happy place in town.  did a little bit of shopping to finish up a project that's being delivered soon (aka blog post on that soon as well) and got some ideas for future projects.  amy also has a wedding coming up, as well as a few of my favorite people are due in march with babies... so i can't wait to get crafty with all that fun stuff.
- see?  i went to the gym more than once.  as well as going back to the gym, i've also been using my library card more.  trying to churn out some leisure reading mixed in with all the school books... apparently "leisure reading" means reading & walking on a treadmill.  hey, i'll take what i can get.  p.s. that book is pretty good so far.
- another gift that has been sent on it's way (and according to my usps receipt should be arriving today!) but i always have these little tags that my grandma bought me way back when, and i always forget to use them.  they're totally cute, so i should really try harder to tag my stuff!  i feel so stuck right now that i really have no crafting to do at this very moment.  i should take care of that.

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