Tuesday, January 6, 2015

buddah buzz & quilter in training - shirts for kidlets

well, now that these belated christmas gifts were recieved on saturday, i can post away!
i had purchased these shirts well before my august trek to colorado, along with a onsie to make a matched set for all three of lisa's minions.  well, that plan didn't pan out, and since two of the three kidlets didn't grow out of the sizes i bought, i could still make use of them (sorry mark.  hope there are no hard feelings).
i had to screen print another buddah buzz cat for a t-shirt quilt my mom was making for my dad for christmas, and so i decided to put one on a shirt for kenty since it is a guy's kind of cat.  once that one was done, it was on to decide what to put on a shirt for lorelai.  since she has gotten in to sewing recently, i decided to go with that for the theme of her shirt.  lisa and i both loved patchwork thread's quilter in training shirt to the point of trying to win a gift card for it, but since it was in short time, i decided to use that phrase for lorelai's shirt.  she's already made one little quilt of her own and currently working on building her fabric stash one fat quarter at a time.  smart girl.  i used the letter stamps i originally bought in 2009 for my "marry me, buzz lightyear" tank top that i wore to disneyland, and dipped then in the speedball screenprint ink i've had for a few years now.  the letters are just so fun!  both of these were quick little projects that turned out just like i had hoped :)

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