Thursday, July 31, 2014

donner mine music camp week 1's quilt raffle prize - triangle quilt along

this is another quilt that i'm super excited to share!  after last year's two quilts raised a decent amount for the donner mine music camp, i was asked again to do another two quilts this year.  we still had pieces and parts left over from one of the quilts that could be repeated, but the second quilt still had to be decided.  i stumbled across a cute little quilt using just triangles called "alphabet blues" by waggonswest on craftster, and i had to run with the idea.  initially, i had a different color scheme in mind, but after a trip to beverley's in rocklin and mom cruising through their fat quarter collection combined with other fabric chunks we had in the great stash pile that is our house, we formed about 10 or so different prints.
the pattern used was from the "triangle quilt along" put on by the sassy quilter.  granted, i didn't do this with them in true quilt along style, but it was still a great set of directions that was super simple to follow.  6" wide strips, then cut down to 60 degree angles with a 1/2" trimmed off one tip to help with lining up the pieces.  204 triangles later, it was game time.
17 triangles across, 12 rows down.  the trickiest part was laying them all out in various ways to keep certain prints away from repeating to give more of the "scattered" look i was hoping for.  and then keeping them in that same order as i sewed them together row by row.  i ended up taking a picture from my phone and printing it out full page to have as a visual, then crossing each row off as i finished things.  i only had to redo a few pairings, so that was pretty exciting.
i tried something a smidge different for the quilting versus what i have usually done.  it was the same way waggonswest quilted her "alphabet blues" and i just loved it.  i aligned my foot with the diagonal seam and just sewed down the row.  then, i aligned it with the opposite side of the foot, and did the second side.  i love how it looks versus stitching in the ditch for this one.
to keep with the overall look of the quilt, i did a scrappy binding of the fabrics used.  which was a good choice, since it really helped me get the fullest out of each of the fat quarters purchased.  as you heard in one of my weekend wips posts, i spent the time in reno really busting out a good portion of the binding on this quilt while kicking back and relaxing.  win, win, win situation.  i finished this quilt in it's entirety late tuesday night with minutes to spare before midnight... you can't really tell in these pictures, but i swear i de-furred quite a bit of it.  between our house of cats and amy's house of dogs & cats, this black backed quilt was doomed.
pretty sure velcro is partially to blame...
he's pretty much failing as an assistant.
i just love detail photos... it makes me swoon. the cat fur is just the bonus gift for the recipient.
and there's that official tag meaning it's done!  it's become my officially unofficial tradition to post "tag" photos the moment i finish sewing them to the quilt on my instagram feed.  which is always entertaining since it acts as a sort of time stamp for people to see that i'm crafting at all sorts of obscure hours of the night.
this quilt was for week one of camp, which ended last friday night and got raffled off.  not sure how well it did, but apparently someone from the camp wants to pay me in cookies in order to have me make a quilt like this for her.  i might just make that happen... i do love chocolate chip cookies!


  1. I love the triangles but I think the way you chose to quilt it is my favorite.

  2. This is great. I've yet to try an equilateral triangle quilt... maybe this is the year. :-)