Monday, July 28, 2014

weekend wips

alas, this time around i don't feel like my week was very wip-fil.
i was at the state fair friday evening after running errands, and saturday i photographed a wedding in plymouth, so two of my typical crafting times got used in other ways.  not complaining about those ways, because they involved my adorable minions on friday & a fabulous couple on saturday... despite the heat.  that's my only complaint.
but perhaps after i see everything all typed out, i'll change my mind.
so let's get going in (mostly) the same order as last week:
music donations quilts:
one down, one to go!
i finished the triangle one on tuesday - binding completed, tag on & attempted to remove the cat fur off the back of it.  i swear cat fur is magnetic.  especially to black fabric.  so after photographing it on wednesday, it made it's way off to camp to be raffled off the following friday at their end of the week concert.
for quilt 2, i attached the binding, and then procrastinated to start the hand sewing until sunday.  since i drove to the wedding saturday, dad said he would drive to donner mine on sunday (week 2 camp photo day) so i took the quilt with me and started sewing the binding on.  in the car ride alone (about 2 hours total) i probably got about 1/3 of the binding finished off.  i've come to appreciate crafts that i can do in the car.  reading used to make me woozy, so i haven't tried it in awhile.  i remember cross-stitching aileen's bazinga wall hanging on the way to vegas, and that kept me occupied & content.  hopefully i can find a craft that will be airplane suitable when i head to colorado in a little under a month... eeps!
baby girl quilt:
so i forced myself to actually get something done on this yesterday.
my original plan was just to cut the strips out so i could be good to go once i finished the next music quilt.  but i had no desires to hand sew anymore today, so i said "okay... i'll just pin these together" and that turned in to "i'll just sew the outside pairs together to be ready for the middle strip."  11:45 rolled around, and i had all five strips connected and ready to chop up in to blocks.  i have a feeling that after i run a few errands after work tomorrow, i'll be back to sewing central to knock this sucker out.  i knew it was going to be an easy pattern, it just took convincing myself to get down to it.  my machine was acting a little wonky, so luckily i'll be able to use my mom's since she is at music camp all this week as well.  i'd like to predict i'll have the top of this quilt done before next monday's weekend wips post, if not more.  positive thinking.
room extravaganza:
i can't remember the last updated photo from this you saw... so there's a closet angle.
the bed is now the least of my worries, considering it isn't going to move anywhere now.
this is still inching along.  i got a lot moved around in one day last week, and managed to eliminate an entire set of plastic drawers from my closet so far.  as desired, i did get the cabinet to fit in my closet, totally emptied out of clothes (they all fit in the drawers!) and ready for some comic book boarding of fabric.  i was hoping that would have begun yesterday, but i slept in pretty long & solid after a day of wedding shooting, and then went off to photograph the campers...  anyways...  all my dvds fit in a drawer and a half, and i squished my box of patterns in to one of the drawers in my closet.  i still have 2 1/2 empty drawers in my bed, plus i think 3 drawers in the closet where my clothes used to be... as well as 4 plastic drawers where things like dance clothes, socks & underoos used to be.  chugging right along for sure.  once i get the time to wrap some fabric, i'll have 4 tubs emptied from my doorway... which will be nice.
lastly, we come to sewvivor.
i FINALLY have all my projects figured out.  some i have fabric for, some i have the color inspiration for.  and some i have 50% of what i need for.  regardless, i am ready to go with these projects.  since entering, i still planned to sew along whether i got in to the competition or not, so i wanted to ensure that i was doing projects i would actually enjoy and use whether they were contest winners or not.  rachel, the contest host, had been dropping hints all weekend over instagram & facebook, and some of them were quite hard to decipher... or even try to remotely relate them to mine (except the ones that were saying "at least one bag made it" or "an entry between numbers 20-29")
but today was the day things were announced.
and i made sure to check it as soon as i woke up.
the verdict?
i still don't know!
i was almost certain i read somewhere it would be announced at 9am eastern time, which would be 6am pacific and i was in the clear.  but i rolled out of bed at 7, refreshed the family ever after home page, and still nothing.  guess i'll have to check in when i get a break at work today and see if there is any update :)

so the verdict is that i was not selected to be in the top 16, or as one of the runner ups.
oh well, no harm no foul.
as much fun as it would have been to get back to my middle school sports competitive roots, this could be a blessing in disguise.  this summer is already planned to be fairly eventful before school starts, and adding deadlines would have added more chaos.  plus, i would be nagging people for votes like nobody's business!  ha.  nevertheless, i still plan to craft along with the challenges to the best of my abilities... especially since i already have fabric purchased for some!  in a few weeks, you'll be seeing my "nautical" sew along entry, so i guess i better start getting the ball rolling on that!

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  1. I realize it's only July but you should do that Christmas Grumpy cat on the plane. That way I'll end up getting to see it in person!