Friday, July 25, 2014

classic winnie the pooh cross stitch wall art

i'm so super excited that i can finally share this project... and it's not even a quilt!
my dear friend meagan got married back in 2011, and this past spring welcomed a new little baby bundle in to their family.  when she first announced she was pregnant, she tried to keep the gender a secret, but i was able to finagle a theme of their nursery to go with to make her a little something.  they were going with classic winnie the pooh, and considering meagan is a disney addict, nothing could be more perfect.  i decided to super go for it, and found this adorable cross stitch pattern on e-bay.  it was from a magazine in europe, so the floss brand & colors were different than what we carry here in the US.  thanks to google, i found a conversion chart and went on my merry little way converting the colors to what we have here.
now you should know, i am quite notorious for leaving cross stitch patterns unfinished, so the fact that i got this one done WITHOUT any oopsies was quite a feat.  and SO HARD to not post a photo on instagram proclaiming that to the world...  it's quite difficult when you make things for people who follow you... let me tell you what.  i know there is a photo of the balloons on there, but that's about as subtle of a post as i could pull off.  this was also my first time using french knots in a pattern, and i'm quite pleased!  well, i'm sure they would have been in other patterns that i have done. they just remain unfinished in the drawer... someday...
so there you have it.
one finished cross stitch, signed (not really), sealed (eh), delivered (yes!) and off to be loved.
other than hand cramping, i enjoy cross stitching quite a bit, and hope that i can convince myself to do more of them sooner.  or at least finish one of the ones i've had started for quite some time now.  it's even on my scrolling frame and everything (i loathe embroidery hoop marks...)  seeing a real end result (besides the ones i made aileen) is quite a feat.
wait... you think you see something in that last picture?
something... something that could be quilty?
consider it a hint at what is coming next week ;)


  1. So cute! I really like french knots and the effect they have on a project. I think your next cross stitch should be that Christmas Grumpy Cat. That would make my heart so happy.

    1. i love that grumpy cat too.
      should the day come and i need stockings for future kiddos, i would hope you would be able to knit that in to one... haha