Tuesday, July 22, 2014

cheers to the weekend

originally i was just going to slap this in with yesterday's weekend wips post, but decided it had enough going on that it needed a post all to itself.  this weekend was pretty eventful in its own right, so here's a little run down of everything that went on.
friday was the first of three state fair performances for our studio (one of two days that i would be there) and my littlest of dancers performed today.  in total, i had 13 kidlets sign up for state fair, and they did AWESOME.  they were so great backstage waiting their turn and not causing too much of a fuss when it was time to get their shoes and costumes changed.  next friday my big kiddos perform (along with myself) so it will be a whole lot more action packed than things were this last friday.
after the fair, i headed home, picked up jenny and we were off to reno for the weekend.  made the two hour drive (without using a gps, might i add) and got to amy & luke's in no time.  hung out for a smidge, but then crashed in to bed.
saturday was tubing day.  we got up (earlier than desirable... blah) and amy made pancakes.  headed off to wal mart to get a few things, and then we were off to the river.  we tubed the "short route" twice waiting for sarah & raymond with an ice cream & nachos break in between.  during the third round, there was a rain storm coming in, and the water was a whole lot more rough than the times prior.... i have the welt on my back to prove it.  no joke.  anywho.  we made our way back to the cars and then back to luke & amy's for hamburgers & brauts.  delish.  there may have also been some blowdart shooting in the kitchen.  just because we could.  this would then be followed by busting out the handsewing and stating to work on binding as we played rummikub.  i would hope that my grandma ruth would be quite proud of my winning the first round, as it was a game i always remember playing when i stayed over at grandma myrna's house when i was younger.  lisa seemed to have gotten a kick out of the fact i won while simultaneously sewing on binding.  luke & amy started to teach us cribbage, but then it was decided it was hot tub time.  late night turned in to crash time, and everyone was out pretty quickly.
sunday was a pretty adventurous day.  after a morning of raymond made pancakes & two games of rummikub (which amy won.  she claims to NEVER win that game) it was decided we would get motor cycle rides.  i'm pretty sure this was something i put on my bucket list years ago, and my day had finally come.  granted, i didn't bring clothing for the occasion, so i ended up in jeans over my shorts, and socks under my toms.  amy's helmet squished my cheeks like a chipmunk, but at least i knew it wasn't going anywhere.  luke took me on a cruise around town, and then back again.  i had the wind screen up for awhile and my eyes were watering like crazy.  once we got back, it was jenny's turn and while they were off, amy & i went on the quad runner.  apparently i drove quite the opposite of how jenny did... amy was a little nervous at times.  ha.  it was quite fun, and i would absolutely do both again.
jenny & i headed home, by way of donner mine music camp so that i could take their weekly camp photo.  we headed to the traditional nyack burger king stop and then made it back home around 7 or so.  all in all quite an eventful weekend, and a nice little break from the every day routine.  next weeked we're at the state fair again, then i'll be shooting a wedding on saturday.  busy busy busy, but that's the way i like it :)

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