Monday, July 21, 2014

weekend wips

another week, more WIPS.  here we go!
music donation quilts:
considering one is due to be raffled off at the end of this week, it was crunch time.
i got the binding sewn on the triangles one for the first week, and spent my weekend in reno powering through the hand sewing.  on saturday night, between winning a game of rummikub, attempting to learn cribbage & sitting outside by the hot tub, i got about a side and a half done.  yesterday i powered through most of another side before heading homeward.  i'm certain it will be done very quickly, no problem.  i've sent the camp photos off to be printed, so currently there is nothing standing in my way.
quilt number 2 is coming along swimmingly.  i powered through the top assembly last week, followed by quilting it as well.  all the quilting is complete, and it is currently waiting for the binding to be attached and then in the hand sewing phase.  once that is all done, it will be time to head forward to the next projects... FINALLY.
baby girl quilt
this will probably be the next thing i power through after getting the music quilts done.  the pattern blocks are fairly simple, which will lead to easy quilting and such.  all these "work" quilts before i get down and dirty to commit to the fun of the next ones...
the auditions close TODAY.... FINALLY.
the first week, it seemed like top 16 would be an easy pick, and that it would be a small crowd entering...  but this second week, the entries have BOOMED daily.  the last time i checked, there were over 50 entries.  it makes me even more anxious to get selected in the top 16.  i currently have the nautical & hexagon projects completely planned out (as well as fabric selected & purchased) and the pattern i intend to use for the bag challenge.  not sure on the fabrics for that, but i feel like the quilt projects will take longer than the bag.  i still have NO CLUE as far as what to do for the lap quilt project... i guess it is a good thing that is the last one on the list, hoping i make it that far in to the competition.  fingers crossed...  i'll be able to rest easy once that auditions are closed and it cannot keep growing for the week before the top 16 is announced.  eeps.
room cleaning o-rama
my replacement part finally arrived on thursday, so i wham-bammed put it together before and after i went to work.  one set of drawers got put in simply to clear the path for my mattress to be put on.  once i got mattress & sheets put on, it was claimed in the name of mushu bean.
last night i busted out the second set of drawers, and managed to fit my shirts in to 3 of them.  i threw some out for the donation/shirt quilt pile, but that is yet to be sorted through completely.  my bookshelf is shoved against what used to be my shirt cabinet, and stacks of books spewed out all over the floor.  my computer currently resides in the den/markham's room since i have a perimeter of stuff that needs to go somewhere around the room.  the plan is to get stuff moved around this week, and think real hard about the idea of putting my fabric on comic book boards to change that storage situation up as well instead of having all my fabric in tubs.  serious thoughts.  to be determined.
happy monday, y'all

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