Tuesday, July 29, 2014

classic winnie the pooh "daisy chain" quilt - baby jason

as you saw on friday, this baby gift was a double feature.  and i wasn't just going to give it away to you all in one post.  where is the fun in that?
so basic rundown, incase you missed friday's post (which you should go back and view anyways)
meagan.  she's awesome.  i've known her since i was but a wee freshman in high school.
she's got a super cute baby boy & a winnie the pooh themed nursery (allegedly)
i like to make things for the awesomest of friends.
so now you're caught up.  mostly.
originally this quilt started out as a different pattern, but it just wasn't doing anything for me.
no matter what, it always came back to thinking about the wedding quilt i made for meagan when she got married in 2011, and that a mini version for little jay would be super cute.
the quilt was off the amy butler "daisy chain" pattern, and i used fat quarters (since that's what i bought for the original pattern idea) instead of yardage.  i used 2 FQs of each color except for brown i think... one of them i couldn't find a second FQ for since i originally only bought one.  the classic pooh fabric was purchased off ebay, as is much of my disney fabric finds.  instead of having it be 6 whole blocks down, i decided to chop a set of them in half for the top and the bottom pieces to keep that center diamond where it's at.
i really like how this is hints of winnie the pooh, without being in your face super cheesy about things.  to me, it feels like it has the perfect balance of pooh bear and boyish colors.
meagan's original wedding quilt had a scrappy binding to it, but i feel like that would have been TOO much on this quilt. the green binding is different than the one used in the quilt, but still holds the color that blends with them. it is the same fabric that was used on the backing though.  i decided for green so that the blue variegated thread would show up a bit more on the back than it would if the back was blue.
each color used in the blocks has it own individual print to it that does not repeat in any of the other colors.  it was quite tricky to find the perfect colors to coordinate with the pooh bear fabric (and lots of pacing in the FQ section of joann's) but i have to say... not too shabby, right?  the trickiest part of this quilt is laying all the blocks out and making sure all the points are different in each section.  easier said than done for sure.  in the larger quilt, i think it was easier to fudge with since there are SO many blocks to work with that a lot of them can be swapped out.  but i was quite limited due to fabric supply and block numbers.
tagged!  these are my favorite photos to post on instagram because it means a project is DONE and i can move on to the next.  this, along with the cross stitch, were hard to keep subtle without showing off the dead giveaways in the project.  clearly the feature of winnie the pooh were the give aways in both of these projects, but seeing when i got a <3 from meagan on something related to a project that was going to her made me want to give myself a high five.
so many photos... i just couldn't decide what to leave out... so you get LOTS.
and there you have it!
a cross stitch & a baby quilt.
a match made in heaven.
okay, maybe i'm biased... but this is one of my all time favorites right now.
thanks for stopping on by!

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  1. I totally missed that you were daisy chaining this one. Such a fun pattern and I think you are right. There is a good blend of pooh bear vs boys colors.