Monday, July 14, 2014

weekend wips

here we are back at it, after a week full of crafting eventfulness and construction chaos.  this week has been mighty busy, and it is absolutely just an indicator of the weeks to come.  here's a look at whats been going on since last week, and a hint of what is still yet to come.
music donation raffle quilts
once i got down to it, these quilts zoomed right along.  yep.  progress made on both.
the triangle quilt is nearly done.  after sunday, i got the 12 rows sewn in to one big quilt top and trimmed down to size.  i had everything laid out and pinned to baste and when i picked it up, it was horrendously wrinkled on the backside.  so the next day it was unpinned, ironed, and duct taped down to the floor so no shifting would occur to the back.  i got most of the way through pinning before i ran out of pins.  saturday i bought another box of 300 and ran out (again... ugh) but was able to fudge it and get the basting going.  saturday was also the first time in a long time that i intentionally saw 1:30 in the morning.  i was determined to get this quilt basted, and once i got it basted, i found myself determined to get it quilted.  and it happened.  i spent yesterday pulling out all the basting, and whalaa, it is waiting to have binding made.  which i am waiting to do until i finish the quilt top for week 2 of music camp.
this one was easy to bust out.  i only had to make 3 more pinwheels since it is a repeat of one of last year's quilts, and then connect everything together.  by 11 or so last night, it was an entire top now just waiting on the 2nd border.  i am certain there are a handful of fabric store trips that will happen due to needing to get these quilts finished, but hopefully the pieces that i already have in my stash will help out as well.
my goal is that when i am in reno this weekend with amy & luke & jenny, i will be able to do some (if not all) of the hand sewing for the binding on one of these quilts.  i know, it sounds super classy to hang out at my friend's house and sew, but that's how i roll.  the first week of music camp starts next sunday, and i need to have that triangle quilt completed for when my dad goes up to camp midweek.  it would be even nicer to have it done when i am up there sunday to take their camp photo.  it should be no problem at all, but it is crazy how fast it all came together (once i got my act together of course)
baby girl quilt
some progress was made on this quilt.
as i was pacing joann's last week, i settled on a piece of fabric for the back but had yet to determine the front.  scrolling quickly through my pinterest, i found a block i became intrigued by, and decided to make that the official decision.  the fabric has been pre-washed, but that's about it.  but hey, it's progress, right?
sewvivor round 3
last monday the auditions for sewvivor 3 opened.
i had my entry all written out, but i wanted to wait and see what other people were writing before committing to it.  well, i decided to just go with my gut and keep my entry as it was, with all my back story and good stuff like that.  last night when i looked, there were exactly 16 entries, and still a week to go in the auditions.  my fingers and toes are crossed to get in this competition, so i have been painstakingly planning out what i will do for each of the challenges.  today my goal is to shop for the fabric for the first "nautical" challenge and get the ball rolling for that.  i've realized how chaotic my next two months are before school starts, so i really need to be on my crafting game and not get lazy with working on these projects.  especially if i end up in colorado next month for a week.  i have loved seeing all the different entries so far, and will probably be pinching myself if i get selected for the top 16.  stay tuned for the results on that.  i won't know until the 28th if i get in!
room cleaning-o-rama
oh this project.  things were going so well.
when i ordered my new bed, the company said it would arrive by july 21st.  figuring i had time, we weren't exactly in a hurry to get beds moved around.  i got an e-mail from sears saying my bed had shipped on the 8th, but no tracking number had shown up.  my mattress arrived on wednesday, and i thought i would be waiting forever to get the bed. on a whim, i checked it the morning of the 10th (last thursday) and it said it was out on the truck for delivery.  things got moved around while i was teaching that evening, and the bed had arrived while i was out.  i came home, and started moving along with putting the bed together.
this is where what it started like:
things went smoothly, attaching the drawer parts to the bed frame.  super easy.  ran to wal mart to get a mattress cover, and then came home to start getting the big pieces together.  and then we hit a road block.
this is where we're currently at:
when we were screwing the side parts to the top of the left side, one of the stabilizer nuts rotated and busted up the corner of the particle board, making it unable to get put together.  i filled out an online form for a defective part, and had to leave my bed as is.  so now i've been sleeping in joshua's old room (which i call the craft room now.  still hoping it will catch on) and my computer resides in markham's "when he's home from school" room... i guess it should be called the office then.  basically, i am in 3 rooms of the house.  it sounds bad, but really i only use one room for sleeping, one room for computerizing, & my room still holds all my junk.  my junk that is waiting to be able to be moved around and put in its new place.  perhaps i'll at least assemble some drawers in the next few days to figure out what exactly i can fit in each of them.
stash buster quilts
the most that happened on these quilts is that i cut a few more squares from fabrics my mom found in one more place, and then put the rest in the donation pile.  we had over 3 kitchen sized garbage bags full go off to the humanitarian group.  i hope that they'll be able to do something with even the smallest of scraps in there.
speaking of humanitarian, my mom shared this photo on my facebook page.
do those top quilts look familiar?  they're my winnie the pooh ribbon block quilts from last year!
it was great to see them in the pile of quilts completed, and somewhat inspired me to do some more stash busting quilt tops to donate.  we'll have to see where i stand once sewvivior is complete though ;)

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  1. Wow, you have been even busier this last week that I even realized!